young adolescent man suffering from underage drinkingThe consumption of alcoholic beverages by those under the age of 21 is a prevalent issue throughout most areas in the United States. Along with the many legal implications this problem can present, there are also many health concerns that can affect youths who drink. In order to get your child or loved one help with underage drinking, you must understand the causes. You must also understand why professional treatment is essential for their recovery.

Why Do Adolescents Participate in Underage Drinking?

Adolescents often cite many different reasons for getting involved in underage drinking. For some young people, alcohol seems more innocent than other addictive substances. Other young people say they were curious about the effects that alcohol would have on their body and mind. Many others feel pressured into underage drinking by their classmates and peers. No matter how the problem gets started, the repercussions of underage drinking can be severe and long-lasting.

Issues Associated with Underage Drinking

Most people of all ages are aware of the legal issues involved when minors are caught consuming alcohol. Aside from monetary fines and potential jail time, these types of illegal activities can be far-reaching for many adolescents. However, there are many other problems associated with underage drinking.

Decline in Quality of Schoolwork

Many teens suffering from alcohol abuse issues begin to display a lack of concentration and memory when it comes to their schoolwork. As a result, their grades may drop, or they may even consider leaving school.

Failure to Meet Important Obligations

Obligations with school, employment, and family can also begin to suffer when an individual becomes involved in drinking under the legal age. Teens who are employed may start showing up late for work or getting into trouble on the job.

Declining Health

Regardless of the age of those consuming it, alcohol can have serious detrimental health effects. Your health may decrease even more the longer you drink over time. However, these health effects can potentially be even more severe for those who are still developing and growing.

Serious or Fatal Accidents

Drinking and driving is a related issue that can have fatal consequences in many cases. While it’s almost never the intent, teens who are driving under the influence of alcohol can cause accidents that take their own lives or the lives of others.

Seeking Treatment with Zelus Recovery

Professionals who specialize in alcohol addiction treatment understand the complexity of underage drinking. They also comprehend that each person is different and may respond to treatment differently. Therefore, substance abuse programs need to be unique to fit the needs of each person seeking help.

Zelus Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in Meridian, Idaho. By providing in-depth help aimed at adolescents and young adults, Zelus Recovery can help those suffering from substance abuse to experience a full recovery. Using a multi-disciplinary approach involving early intervention, family programs, and outpatient protocols, Zelus Recovery can provide personalized care for all those seeking help.

Don’t allow underage drinking to ruin your life or the life of your loved one. Contact Zelus Recovery today at 866-365-4436 to find out how to start recovery.