A young woman feels better in a womens rehab programDrug or alcohol addiction can have devastating consequences not only for the person using, but for family as well. Often, a womens rehab program can be very beneficial for young women struggling with chemical dependency. They may feel more at ease in a female-only environment, which sets a strong foundation for recovery.

Why a Womens Rehab Program May Be Beneficial

Rehab treatment programs for adolescents and young adults are much different from adult rehab. This is because young people usually have unique issues and pressures which adults no longer face.

For young females, a womens rehab program provides additional benefits. They might be more willing to share during therapy when surrounded by other young women. This is especially important if they need to address serious issues like sexual abuse or assault, which too many women unfortunately face.

They can also freely discuss the pressure to adhere to America’s impossible beauty standard, which may lead to severe anxiety and eating disorders. Young women, specifically, feel an enormous amount of pressure to be a certain size. Therefore, being able to talk to peers who understand this promotes a sense of community and provides invaluable recovery support.

Helping Young Women Seek Treatment

If your daughter feels the only way she can handle difficult, stressful situations is by turning to drug or alcohol use, get her the help she needs.

Many women drink, do drugs, or engage in unsafe sex because of peer pressure. Unfortunately, the longer she continues using, the more negative the consequences. For example, these may include being arrested for a DUI, developing an addiction, and having an unwanted pregnancy or STI as a result of unprotected sex.

While your family has likely gone through tough times because of addiction, you can still show her you’re there for her. Let her know you support her decision to get clean. A good rehab facility welcomes family involvement while understanding how addiction affects everyone.

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Zelus Recovery is a young adult treatment center that provides rehab programs for the unique issues affecting teens and young people.

Our facility has a small staff-to-client ratio, and we maintain an intimate setting. You’ll receive personalized treatment that allows you to build strong relationships with the therapists and staff members who care for you.

In addition, parents can take an important role in a young person’s recovery by involving themselves in our family program. Our substance abuse and addiction treatment programs include:

Whether it’s you or a loved one who needs addiction treatment, why not choose a facility that focuses on teens and young adults? We provide an excellent chance for successful recovery with programs that target your unique needs.

Conquer your addiction instead of letting it control you. With our help, you’ll reach sobriety and create a bright future for yourself. Contact us today: 866-365-4436.