Addiction Treatment Programs in Boise

A substance abuse disorder is a chronic disease, not a lack of willpower. People with a substance abuse disorder require treatment under the supervision of professionals, just like patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. Unfortunately, addiction doesn’t discriminate, and it affects people of any age or background. That’s why it’s crucial for people with a substance abuse disorder to manage their condition in an addiction treatment program, such as the one offered at Zelus Recovery in the Boise area. We are proud to be one of the few treatment centers in Idaho with licensed clinicians.⁠ Also, we purposefully maintain lower enrollment numbers so that we can really take the time to offer a personalized rehabilitation experience. Our Zelus Recovery team understands that people can overcome the pain and stress of their addiction with the right treatment program.


Why Do People Need Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Family Therapy’s Role in an Addiction Treatment Program in Boise

At our addiction treatment center in Meridian, ID, just outside of Boise, one of the most essential drug addiction treatment programs is family therapy. Often, family members are the people who realize that there is a problem and recommend addiction treatment options for a loved one. The right addiction treatment can help people recognize that they have a substance abuse problem and work to change their lifestyles.

When someone has an addiction, they may lie to family members to hide their substance abuse problem. Over time, this kind of behavior can destroy the person’s relationships with the people they care about most. Because of this, relationship therapy and family therapy are foundational addiction treatment programs at the Meridian, Idaho treatment center.

Family therapy during addiction treatment allows people to learn new communication skills and rebuild broken relationships. After completing an addiction treatment program, people will need a social support network to stay sober. By rebuilding relationships during drug addiction treatment programs, patients can create the family support they need.

Treating the Whole Person Through Addiction Treatment

Zelus Recovery’s addiction treatment programs in Boise do more than detox the client. At the Meridian, Idaho treatment center, the entire person receives treatment. This means that we use a holistic approach to addiction treatment that heals the mind, body, and spirit.

At Zelus Recovery, we want people to receive addiction treatment on their terms. So, whether our clients prefer telehealth or in-person treatment, our team wants everyone to feel comfortable. We are specially trained in telehealth treatment so our clients can receive the same standard and care as those who would participate face-to-face.⁠

Whether people initiate treatment at home or at our Zelus Recovery treatment center, clients go through an initial evaluation process. This evaluation determines what kind of addiction treatment programs would be most effective for each person. Our team of experts assesses the individual’s physical health, mental disorders, and every other factor that could influence their overall well-being.

Zelus Recovery

Our addiction treatment programs identify underlying mental health disorders and clients work with addiction specialists to heal them. Addiction treatment programs include therapeutic options like dual diagnosis care and psychotherapy. Many people who have an addiction also have an underlying mental illness. Since substance abuse and mental disorders can fuel each other, it is essential to treat both problems at once during addiction treatment.


Drug addiction treatment programs also include support for physical health. Some of the more common addiction treatment programs at Zelus Recovery are fitness therapy, yoga, and nutritional counseling. These programs group talks about their experiences in zelus recoverywork to build up the patient’s physical health so that they can also strengthen their mental and spiritual well-being. Each person has unique physical requirements and health needs, so the addiction treatment programs adjust to match these customized requirements.

People can find all of these addiction treatment programs at the Zelus Recovery treatment center. Through holistic treatment, patients can get the customized care they need. The right treatment can help people regain control of their lives and feel better than they have in years.

Finding a Better Solution

While many people experiment with drugs and alcohol, for some, this kind of experimentation can quickly lead to an addiction. Once people regularly engage in substance abuse, they may be afraid of admitting their addiction to their family members. However, effective addiction treatment requires the cooperation of the entire family, not only the person in recovery. At Zelus Recovery, our goal for anyone who steps into our office is to provide an authentic experience that facilitates healing, growth, and improving all connections in their life.

No one has to go through treatment alone. Our Zelus Recovery team is ready to help people learn how to manage stressful emotions without resorting to addictive behaviors. To learn more about the drug addiction treatment programs at Zelus Recovery, call us at 208.518.0797.