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Synthetic Drug Addiction

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young man sitting outside struggling with a Synthetic Drug AddictionSynthetic drugs are some of the most dangerous ones that people can use. Despite that, synthetic drug addiction is on the rise. Every day, more people fall victim to these substances. Without proper help, most of them never regain control and end up overdosing.

What Are Synthetic Drugs?

Synthetic drugs are human-made substances. People create them in laboratories to mimic the effects of other drugs. Some people refer to synthetic substances as party, club or designer drugs. Regardless of the name, they’re all extremely addictive and put people’s lives at risk.

Some people try to market synthetic drugs as safer than the substances that they mimic. This claim is usually far from the truth. Instead, synthetic drugs are much more potent. Also, people never really know which chemicals go into making synthetic substances.

Signs and Symptoms of Synthetic Drug Abuse

Learning the signs and symptoms of abuse is part of addiction education. If people think that loved ones abuse synthetic drugs, they can look for a few signs. Typically, these signs are clear indications that something is wrong. For example, they can include:

  • Neglecting school, home, and work obligations
  • Continuously using synthetic drugs despite them causing harm
  • Being secretive about whereabouts and activities
  • Struggling to maintain relationships with friends and family members
  • Loss of interest in favorite hobbies

Side Effects of Synthetic Drug Addiction

When people abuse synthetic drugs, they put their health at risk. In fact, it doesn’t take long for synthetic drug abuse to turn into a full-blown addiction. Drug addiction has numerous side effects, many of which are serious health problems. Some of these side effects include stroke, heart attack, and confusion.

The longer that people abuse synthetic drugs, the more likely that they are to develop side effects. Over time, the side effects can lead to death. If they’re so bad, though, why don’t people stop using drugs and seek Boise addiction treatment programs?

In most cases, people don’t know that they need help, or they don’t want help for synthetic drug addiction. For that reason, it’s up to family members to help loved ones get treatment. When teens struggle with drug addiction, for instance, the parents must get them the care that they need.

Facts About Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drug addiction is on the rise. One reason is that there are numerous designer drugs on the market. Between 2010 and 2014, there were more than 300 types of synthetic substances.

Studies also show that teens and young adults are more likely than adults to abuse party drugs. One reason is that they’re more likely to attend parties where these drugs are. Another reason is that they can’t get the actual drugs that these party substances mimic.

Zelus Recovery Can Help Young Adults and Teens Overcome Drug Abuse

Does a teen or young adult in your family struggle with synthetic drug addiction? If so, Zelus Recovery is the answer. All of our programs help young adults overcome drug addiction in safe and healthy ways. A few of the programs that we offer include:

  • Early intervention for adolescents
  • Trauma therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient rehab

Regardless of the synthetic drug that your teen uses, we can help. In fact, Zelus Recovery provides treatment for all kinds of synthetic drugs, including fentanyl and MDMA addiction. Both of these drugs are dangerous and can quickly result in physical and mental health problems.

Don’t let synthetic drug addiction keep your teen from living a healthy and happy life. Fight drug addiction with help from a rehab center that cares. Reach out to Zelus Recovery at 208.518.0797 to start a personalized treatment plan for your teen.