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Recovery is a team effort

A PTSD treatment program at Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho helps teens and young adults recover from PTSD with accompanying substance abuse problems. This rehab treatment instills strong morals and beliefs in your young person, helping them turn their life around.

Teen talks to doctor about PTSD treatmentWhy Your Loved One Needs PTSD Treatment in Idaho Addiction Rehab

Your teen or young adult’s PTSD treatment and addiction rehab take place as part of a quality treatment program in Idaho, one designed for young people up to age 25. Dual diagnosis rehab does not focus on treating one problem at a time. Instead, your loved one gets help for both of their co-occurring conditions through a quality mix of therapies and treatments.

PTSD forms when someone goes through intensely traumatic events. These events sometimes involve assault, childhood abuse, harassment or bullying, serious illness, the death of a friend or family member or other trauma. With PTSD comes an array of symptoms that make daily life extremely difficult. As a result, your teen or young adult shows a range of behaviors you do not recognize as being in their nature.

PTSD causes pain, distress, and anguish on an ongoing basis. This differs from others who do not suffer PTSD after their own trauma. So each person is unique in how they process the difficult events and memories of those experiences. Many people going through trauma never return to the upbeat, social or engaged person they once were, without the right PTSD treatment.

Along with PTSD, many turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their symptoms. This leads into a dark addiction and cycle of impairment, exhaustion, isolation and worsening PTSD. To get your young person back to healthy functioning, they need help ending their intrusive memories and distressing symptoms through addiction and PTSD treatment program help.

Boise Addiction and PTSD Rehab Treatment for Teens and Young Adults

In Meridian, Idaho, Zelus Recovery provides the Boise addiction treatment programs and PTSD helps your loved one needs. This rehab and PTSD treatment program addresses symptoms and causes of both problems through quality therapies, support, and services. Through their rehab treatment, your young person stops engaging in substance abuse, self-harm and other risky behaviors. You start recognizing your teen or young adult again, as they rebuild and improve their life.

Zelus Recovery also treats a range of other mental health problems that often pair with addiction. These problems include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and schizophrenia, to name a few. Through co-occurring condition rehab, your teen or young adult gains empowerment for overcoming their symptoms, caring for their mental health on a daily basis and re-engaging with the world around them.

If your teen or young adult suffered victimization or witnessed a traumatic event, they possibly suffer PTSD. Left untreated, this condition only grows worse over time. Your loved one also takes on riskier behaviors as they attempt to normalize their symptoms and life over a period of time. So do not wait to get your teen or young adult the PTSD treatment help they need through a substance abuse and PTSD treatment program in Meridian.

Zelus Recovery Therapies, Support and Treatment Services

Zelus Recovery in Meridian provides a wide range of therapies and services for your young person’s best recovery. These include:

  • IOP and OP rehab programs
  • Early intervention for adolescents
  • Family program with a multi-systemic family approach
  • Treatment for ages 25 and under
  • PTSD treatment program
  • Schizophrenia treatment program

To learn more about available rehab programs and PTSD treatment for your young loved one, call Zelus Recovery now at 208.518.0797. Waiting only makes their symptoms and problems worse. Call Zelus Recovery for the help you need now.