An infographic on the symptoms of alcoholism

The 5 Symptoms of Alcoholism [Infographic]

Addictions to drugs and alcohol rarely appear suddenly. Often, it’s possible to identify substance abuse signs early. Thus, parents who learn the five most common symptoms of alcoholism can get their teens help faster. Overall, the sooner alcohol addiction treatment begins, the sooner teens and young adults can progress with their futures. 1. Drop in Academic Performance…

A woman wonders what the addiction definition is

What’s the Addiction Definition?

When people hear the word “addiction,” they usually think about drugs. This is because experts often apply the addiction definition to illicit substances. However, research shows that other euphoria-inducing behaviors have addictive potential as well. For example, gambling and shopping could both become problematic. Therefore, understanding the addiction definition increases awareness about this mental disease.…

A young woman sits and talks with a counselor about Northwest addiction recovery

How Can A Northwest Addiction Recovery Center Help My Son or Daughter?

Plenty of rehab facilities cater to adults but are they appropriate for teens and young adults, as well?  Fortunately, at a Northwest addiction recovery center that works exclusively with the younger demographic, your son or daughter can heal in a unique comprehensive environment. The Dilemma Teens and Young Adults Face In many situations, substance abuse problems…