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Group Therapy Program

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Recovery is a team effort

Family and individual therapy are crucial parts of the addiction treatment process. However, a group therapy program is just as important. Research shows these peer-focused sessions help people recover from addiction and maintain sobriety. The purpose is to gather those facing similar problems in order to create a supportive and understanding environment.

What Is A Group Therapy Program?

In addition to treating substance use disorders, a group therapy program helps people overcome other mental conditions as well. It involves regular sessions for which one or more therapists lead groups of patients with similar problems. Additionally, participants share their situations and skills to help overcome these shared challenges.

Different Types of Group Therapy

There are five group counseling models people in addiction treatment encounter. The program’s therapists use depend on your unique needs.

Psychoeducational group counseling focuses on educating participants as well. Topics may include drug use and mental health concerns. They may also discuss drug-related behaviors and their consequences.

Furthermore, cognitive behavioral therapy groups use the theory that negative thoughts cause negative actions and emotions. Therefore, participants learn to transform their thought processes to create more positive internal feelings and behaviors. Doing so helps them achieve sustainable recovery.

The interpersonal process model promotes healing by understanding how people cognitively function. It focuses on unresolved childhood problems and emotional development that lead to poor life skills. Often, these include unhealthy coping mechanisms, acting impulsively, and making bad decisions. Overall, resolving these problems helps patients improve judgment.

Additionally, skill development groups provide material specific to patient needs. The participants interact with one another instead of solely receiving therapeutic guidance. Thus, the intention is developing communication skills for helping them remain sober.

Support groups are another form of therapy many people are familiar with. Participants focus on lending a shoulder to one another. They all share experiences and offer advice for resolving challenges.

How Group Counseling Progresses to Addiction Treatment

No matter which model people participate in, group counseling involves six stages. Some people enter sessions at different phases of treatment. Regardless, therapists and peers provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.

During the first phase, patients aren’t considering change. Instead, they admit to having a problem. During this contemplation stage, therapist’s guide participants to consider quitting or decreasing drug use. The third step is preparation, during which patients plan to stop using and recognize the benefits of doing so.

Finally, the action phase involves creating a plan to quit drug use and making concrete changes to follow through with. Next, patients work hard to maintain abstinence and avoid relapse. Then, they progress to the maintenance stage which involves learning skills for sustaining sobriety.

The Benefit of Group Sessions

The greatest group therapy program advantage is the interaction patients have with peers. Above all, treatment shows them they aren’t alone. Unfortunately, addiction is a very isolating disease. Therefore, to learn how to overcome addiction, avoid destructive behavior and lean on one another for recovery support.

Overcome Drug Addiction With Zelus Recovery

Does your teen or young adult have a drug problem? Are you the parent of a teen with an addiction? Zelus Recovery offers diverse programs and services that can help, including:

  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Dual diagnosis Treatment
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy

Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho is a treatment facility for teens and young adults under 25. We keep our staff numbers small in order to give each person our undivided attention. Our main goal is to build meaningful relationships and provide support putting drugs in their past.

Don’t let drugs control your life. Put an end to this vicious cycle that will ruin your future. Call Zelus Recovery today at 208.518.0797 to learn more about how we can help.