A young boy talks with his parents in a family therapy program.Many rehab centers use a family therapy program to treat drug abuse and addiction. Research proves that this counseling approach is effective for clients of all ages, but particularly with teens and young adults. Zelus Recovery believes in using evidence-based therapies such as family counseling to help teens and young adults stop drug and alcohol abuse. Our goal is to develop a support network outside of the rehab center to encourage long-term recovery.

The Importance of Family Involvement in Drug Treatment

For parents of teens and young adults, addressing their child’s drug abuse and addiction issues can be difficult. In many cases, what family and friends think helps their loved ones only enables them to use drugs. The problem is that they just don’t understand how to help without enabling the behavior. They’re also afraid of bringing up treatment without pushing their teens away.

However, we believe that family involvement is an essential part of youth addiction treatment. Family and friends can have a positive, supportive effect on teens before, during and after rehab. The best way for them to learn how to do this is to attend a family therapy program.

How Family Counseling Works

Every family is different, but counselors at Zelus Recovery can help parents find a way to reach out to their teens. Drug abuse and addiction also affect others in the family, which is why we’ve designed our programs to lead everyone toward recovery.

During treatment, it’s important for every family member to take an active role in the counseling sessions. They can learn together about how drugs affect the body and brain, helping them understand why drug use continues. The family learns how to communicate better with each other, and attending sessions together helps them re-establish trust. Therapy also teaches the family how to support each other while taking care of themselves.

Our Approach to a Family Therapy Program

Since Zelus Recovery is an outpatient treatment facility, our family program doesn’t separate teens from their families. Instead, they continue to live at home and attend weekly therapy sessions with their families at scheduled times. Session frequency depends on the extent of the drug problem and the family dynamic.

Our staff takes a multisystemic approach to family counseling. Multisystemic Therapy (MST) specifically addresses drug abuse and addiction in teens and young adults. It focuses more on the complexity of their needs in relation to family and environmental factors such as school.

As a goal-oriented treatment, MST targets the factors in teens’ social networks that influence drug use. It aims to improve parents’ discipline practices, grow family relationships, and reduce teens’ unhealthy relations. In addition, MST intends to improve school performance, build a network of support, and help teens engage in healthy activities.

Zelus Recovery Involves Family in Every Part of Drug Treatment

The staff at our Meridian, Idaho, facility fully understands the importance of family therapy in drug treatment. For this reason, we include it in all of our substance abuse programs. However, it’s not the only form of counseling that we offer. Drug treatment needs a comprehensive approach, so we utilize several other therapies, including:

Zelus Recovery knows that every teen and drug problem is different, so one level of care doesn’t work for everyone. Whether it’s Early Intervention or our intensive outpatient program, we provide unique solutions for every teen. Our passionate team has years of experience and wants to help teens and young adults grow into recovery.

Don’t let drug abuse or addiction ruin the futures of your teen and family. Find out how our substance abuse programs can help. Call 208.518.0797 now to learn more about Zelus Recovery.