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Meth Addiction Treatment Center in Boise

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Recovery is a team effort

A person goes to a meth addiction treatment center in BoiseDespite the extensive details available about its harmful effects, people use meth or crystal meth every day. Overall, it’s very easy for them to develop an addiction to the drug because of its potency. Once this happens, they’ll need a meth addiction treatment center to overcome the disease. Learning more about out meth addiction treatment center in Boise helps prepare you for the journey ahead.

Why a Meth Addiction Treatment Center Is Important

Meth is a powerful stimulant that starts working within minutes. The drug’s effects can last for six hours or longer. Often, people take it to get high, but it can also boost their sexual performance, energy, and self-confidence.

The rush people experience when they smoke or inject the drug is similar to that of crack cocaine. This euphoric feeling occurs because meth increases their blood pressure, heart rate, and dopamine levels. However, these effects are strongest upon injection and can last for 30 minutes.

Afterward, meth provides a steady high that can last from four to 12 hours. The duration depends on how people use the drug. For example, smoking and snorting the drug has longer-lasting effects than injecting it.

In addition to the rush, meth can make people more empathetic, alert, and talkative. It can also cause loss of appetite, so some people use it to lose weight.

Additionally, binge use is common because people enjoy the drug’s effects. They take it for several days and basically stay high the entire time. With continued use, however, they increase their risk for overdose, which can be fatal. In addition, they also develop tolerance and need higher doses to get high.

Whether or not they overdose, the risk for addiction development is always present. Therefore, meth addiction treatment is necessary to overcome drug addiction. With a quality meth addiction treatment center in Boise, they can stop using and learn how to stay sober.

What a Meth Addiction Treatment Center in Boise Looks Like

Every person is different, and meth addiction is challenging to treat. Fortunately, our meth addiction treatment center in Boise understands these issues. Therefore, they create custom plans that address each person’s specific needs.

The process starts with an assessment to help rehab centers gauge addiction severity. They can also identify the presence of co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression. Every treatment plan factors in general health, everyday obligations, motivation to recover, and support from family and friends.


Stopping meth use and getting the drug out of the body is the first step of treatment. However, this process can cause intolerable withdrawal symptoms. For example, some of these include cravings, insomnia, and depressive episodes.

The symptoms often start within 24 hours and peak for about seven to 10 days. They start to subside over the next 20 days. After about a month, people begin to feel like themselves again. However, they could have sporadic cravings and depression for months following sobriety.

A medical detox program helps people stop using meth safely and comfortably. The staff can provide medication to for anxiety treatment, depression treatment, nausea, and agitation during this difficult process. However, there’s no specific drug that treats meth addiction.


Although detox includes therapy, more intense sessions begin in rehab. Therapists help people work through the underlying issues that led to meth use. They also provide emotional support and teach life skills to help people stay sober after rehab. For instance, some methods they may use include one-on-one therapy, family and group therapy, animal therapy, and art therapy.

Get Help for Meth Use at Zelus Recovery

If you have a meth problem and live in Idaho, consider getting help in Meridian where Zelus Recovery offers substance abuse treatment. We focus our efforts on teens and young adults because we believe proper treatment leads to healthy futures. Our range of programs help young people 25 years old and younger with methods including:

Zelus Recovery helps teens and young adults grow in sobriety. We provide several therapy methods to help them overcome substance use and develop skills for life in recovery. Relationship therapy and multi-systemic therapy are two approaches that we use.

Don’t let meth take away your future before you have time to experience life. Get drug rehab in Idaho at Zelus Recovery. Call us now at 208.518.0797 to learn more about our meth addiction treatment center in Boise.