Every young person and drug problem is unique, which is why Zelus Recovery offers a range of treatment programs. We customize each of our programs according to our clients’ needs. However, our intensive outpatient program (or IOP) offers the most comprehensive level of care. We can help you decide if it’s right for your teen or young adult.

What Is Our Intensive Outpatient Program?

A group discusses their Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)Compared to our standard outpatient drug rehab program, our intensive outpatient program offers extra care and structure. It provides many of the benefits of an inpatient program without the need to live at the rehab center. Instead, our teen and young adult clients continue to live at home. The purpose of this approach is to prevent further interference with school or work lives.

During IOP at Zelus Recovery, teens and young adults visit our rehab center throughout the week. We typically include three or four therapy sessions per week in each treatment plan. Each session lasts for a couple of hours. To help our clients balance therapy in their schedule, we plan the sessions around their work or school hours.

Key Elements of Our IOP

The main objectives of our IOP are to achieve and maintain sobriety. We do that by addressing the cause of drug problems, identifying triggers, and teaching coping skills. However, several key elements make all of that possible.

Individual therapy involves discussions between only one teen or young adult and a therapist. We use these sessions to address his or her current problems.

Group therapy involves several teens or young adults and a therapist as their guide. Our therapist encourages conversation, allowing participants to relate to each other. This approach fosters a support system that teaches the participants to lean on each other for help. It also promotes behavioral and emotional changes.

Family therapy involves the teen or young adult, his or her family members, and a licensed therapist. During sessions, they work together to address the issues that led to drug problems or vice versa. The relatives receive education so that they can better understand their struggling loved one. The therapist also teaches the involved parties how to support each other during and after rehab.

Zelus Recovery Offers More Than Intensive Care

Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho focuses on treating teens and young adults. Our experience with young people under the age of 25 gives us an edge over other rehab centers. In addition to our intensive outpatient program, we offer an early intervention program as well as focused dual diagnosis treatment.

Furthermore, Zelus Recovery aims to make treatment as affordable as possible for families. To achieve that, we’ve partnered with most insurance companies. Our compassionate team also strives to provide an environment that helps teens and young adults find happiness in sobriety. Call us today at 866-365-4436 to learn more about your treatment options.