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Relationship Therapy Program

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Recovery is a team effort

A Relationship therapy program is a key component of any effective family program. Typically, teens and young adults have a growing social network. When drug abuse damages these connections, recovery becomes difficult. However, with the help of therapists, it’s possible to mend strains and rebuild trust.

Married couple reflect while sitting on couch during relationship therapyWhich Relationships Need Healing?

The relationship between many teens and their parents is often problematic. Additionally, older teens and young adults may have romantic relationships they want to preserve. Unfortunately, drug abuse creates acute trust problems. However, with the help of an expert-led relationship therapy program, it’s possible to offer hope and a new outlook on your future.

Inviting others into an individual’s struggle with addiction is extremely personal. However, doing so helps both parties understand the disease’s symptoms and complexities. These interactions help form recovery goals which include positive relationships. Having the necessary support during recovery increases the likelihood of successful sobriety.

Furthermore, all parties have the opportunity to enhance self-awareness and stress management skills. Fortunately, communication skills improve as you learn to effectively voice your concerns. For severe dysfunction, therapists employ relationship therapy for past trauma and codependency. Above all, by helping participants learn positive interaction techniques, destructive patterns begin disappearing.

Topics You Might Tackle in a Relationship Therapy Program

When using drugs or alcohol, teens and young adults frequently lose friends and experience isolation from family members. These create additional stressors, which makes temptation even worse. Program participants must also learn to cope with the consequences drug use creates. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of shame, embarrassment, and guilt occurring alongside these regrets.

Sometimes, the financial problems drug use creates turn into family legal troubles. In the past, you may have seen concern as annoying nagging. However, now, you recognize it as valid. Therefore, family members need to respect your transformation and understand your past actions were because of your addiction.

Dealing with the Here and Now in Counseling Sessions

It’s impossible to solve all your relationship problems. Additionally, it’s hard to anticipate future problems you might face. However, there are methods for addressing current issues that fuel drug abuse. When combining these with multiple addiction therapies, lifelong recovery is likely. Examples of comprehensive addiction treatment programs include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Group therapy settings to encourage conflict resolution and goal setting
  • Family therapy for relationship counseling and similar modalities
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment, which significantly increases your ability to overcome substance abuse
  • Intensive outpatient program to ensure counselors meet your needs

A Word on Accountability

It’s impossible to help teens and young adults go through addiction therapy without including accountability. Above all, close relationships prevent relapse. Therefore, loved ones may contact your therapist to reveal your failure to adhere to recovery goals. This is sometimes necessary, however.

Thanks to effective relationship counseling, your loved ones will praise you when you reach your goals. This builds self-esteem. Before long, you’ll recognize your loved ones are on your side. Ultimately, this is the goal of successful relationship therapy program sessions.

If you feel you need to repair damaged personal relationships, Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho can help. Your substance abuse ends today. Simply dial 208.518.0797 to transform into a healthier, sober you with the proper love and support.