A person goes to a drug addiction treatment centerAddiction currently stands as one of the most dangerous and poorly understood diseases afflicting young Americans today. In recent years, it has become one of the top killers for individuals under 50. However, drug addiction affects everyone differently. As such, rehab centers across the U.S employ hundreds of different drug addiction treatment methods. By detailing several different methods for successfully treating drug dependencies, you’ll be able to choose the right drug addiction treatment center.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Treating addiction can be especially difficult because individuals often enter programs with multiple substance addictions. Therefore, medical experts don’t treat alcohol addictions as they would opioid addictions. Overall, the best centers offer nuanced approaches to addiction by combining several methods.

Behavioral Therapy and Counseling

The forefront of drug addiction treatment today employs the counseling process. Medical experts lead sessions with individuals, groups, partners, or families. The exact methods treatment centers use vary depending on the individual and substance of choice. The different types of therapy and counseling include:

  • Early Intervention – Counseling usually begins with an arranged meeting led by a medical professional while a patient’s friends and family confront them about substance dependence.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy – This method helps users target the thoughts that lead to addiction and resist them.
  • Emotional regulation – Related to cognitive therapy, emotional regulation helps patients identify the emotional state in which they’re most likely to use.
  • Community reinforcement and family training – Positive reinforcement from friends and family members that help individuals successfully recover.
  • The twelve-step program – The 12 steps encourage moral behavior while appealing to a higher power.

Cognitive Therapy

Many drug addiction treatment center methods have just recently become relevant. Overall, individuals struggling with addiction possess a system of beliefs tying them to their dependency. Often, these address low self-esteem, such as believing you have no worth, or that you have no positive societal impact.

Unfortunately, once these beliefs take hold, they trigger other “permissive” thoughts. For example, these might include the belief that you can get high just this once, then continue sober living. Above all, cognitive therapy seeks to identify these problematic beliefs and conquer them. Thus, addictive tendencies reverse.

Furthermore, emotional regulation builds off of cognitive therapy. It follows the theory that certain emotional states precede drug use. Neuroscientists recently found evidence for this by studying the neural pathways that fire in brains with addiction. By training patients to respond with more emotional intelligence to the ups and downs of everyday life, they learn how to successfully overcome drug addiction.

Zelus Recovery

Zelus Recovery offers Boise, Eagle, Nampa, and Meridian drug rehab programs specifically for teens and young adults in Idaho. We believe that no single approach to addiction treatment works for everyone. Unique patients tend to live with unique addictions. As such, we design each of our drug addiction treatment programs to patient needs. Our services include:

Each of these combines various therapeutic methods for delivering lasting results. Not to mention, we involve friends and family members and tend to see better results when patients have a community to rely on. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, Zelus Recovery can always help.

Nobody lives easily with drug addiction. It tends to negatively affect the most important aspects of your life. Your close relationships, school life, and health will all suffer. Therefore, you may feel completely trapped. However, there’s always a way out.

Our programs at Zelus Recovery are for anyone under the age of 25. Only you have the power to end addiction and start living your life the way you want to. Give us a call today at 208.518.0797 to begin your personal journey to recovery with our help.