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Boise Women’s Rehab Program

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Recovery is a team effort

Men and women have different needs when it comes to drug rehab. However, why is it that so many rehab centers don’t focus on these differences? At Zelus Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering gender-specific treatment for men and women.

Our Boise women’s rehab program caters to the needs of young adult women, giving them a better chance to recover.

What is a Women's Rehab Program?

As the name suggests, a women’s rehab program Boise Idaho offers is an addiction program for women only. The program at Zelus Recovery focuses on the needs of young adult women. Enrolling teen girls into a women’s only rehab program gives them a better chance of overcoming addiction and staying sober.

It’s important to note that most women’s and men’s rehab offer the same programs. The biggest difference is that experts cater to these programs to one sex or the other. In the end, young adults get the best drug addiction treatment center Boise Idaho offers.

What are the Benefits of Women Only Rehab?

The benefits of enrolling teen girls in a women’s rehab program Boise Idaho has are numerous. First of all, most young women feel more at ease when they’re in a female-only environment. Then, it’s easier for them to open up during treatment and build a foundation for a strong recovery.

For example, let’s say that sexual assault was the underlying cause of addiction in a young woman. The crime could lead to a mental disorder that she tries to cover up with drugs and alcohol. Also, she might feel uncomfortable opening up about her experiences in front of members of the opposite sex. However, a Boise women’s rehab program can give her the camaraderie that she needs to overcome these underlying issues.

Another benefit is that men and women face unique pressures and issues. Non-gender-specific programs don’t do enough to address these individual needs. The result is a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment that rarely works. In order to address these unique issues, a rehab center must customize the treatment.

Why do Women Turn To Drugs?

Like men, women turn to drugs for a number of reasons. Teenage girls might feel like they need drugs to handle stressful situations. Others might use drugs because it’s the popular thing to do. In either case, they need a women’s rehab program to help them overcome substance abuse.

In fact, peer pressure is one of the leading causes of risky behavior among teenage girls. Because of it, many girls use drugs, drink and engage in unsafe sex despite the consequences. For example, driving while drinking can result in DUIs, and having unprotected sex can result in unwanted pregnancies.

However, underlying issues can lead to women engaging in risky behaviors as well. For instance, teen girls might have trouble coping with underlying mental disorders. Unfortunately, too few of them get the help that they need. Instead, they try to deal with it on their own and end up self-medicating.

Of course, self-medicating only works for a short period. They only experience relief while they’re high. Because of that, they enter an endless cycle of drug abuse that eventually turns into an addiction.

"Persistent follow-up, very flexible with our personal requirements, accepts our insurance, friendly staff and very welcoming environment."
- Stephanie G.

Start Gender-Specific Treatment at Zelus Recovery

Are you looking for an opioid or alcohol addiction treatment center Boise Idaho offers? Do you also want gender-specific treatment?

If so, reach out to Zelus Recovery. We provide treatment for both men and women aged 25 and younger. Focusing on the needs of young adults allows us to provide customized treatment plans that address their unique situations.

As an opioid addiction treatment center in Boise, Idaho has, Zelus Recovery understands the importance of combining multiple treatments. For that reason, we strive to offer a variety of services. In fact, our Boise women’s rehab program is one-of-a-kind because of our multifaceted approach.

A few of the services that we offer include:

Dual diagnosis treatment

individual therapy

Early intervention

Group therapy

Family counseling

Relationship therapy

Don’t let addiction hold your daughter back from becoming the woman you know that she can be. Help her get the treatment that she needs to overcome addiction with our Boise women’s rehab program.

"Working with Zelus Recovery proves there are genuine, informed, and discerning professionals in the field of addiction treatment. The Treasure Valley area is fortunate to have this resource. If only every individual and family affected by addiction could have access to this kind of care and commitment."
- Zelus Recovery Alumni

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