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Process Addiction Treatment

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Man puts hand up to talk while in process addiction treatmentAddiction is a complex disease that affects individuals in different ways. While some struggle with substance addiction, others may fall prey to process addiction or behavior addiction as it is commonly known. Process addiction refers to the obsession with certain behaviors or activities like gambling, sex, pornography, shopping, and more. Like any other addiction, process addiction is treatable with proper care, attention, and guidance.

To learn more about Zelus Recovery’s addiction treatment program in Boise, Idaho, call us at 208.518.0797. Our process addiction center is staffed with compassionate professionals who will help you every step of the way. They will assess your current condition and create a personalized treatment plan to best suit your needs.

What Is a Process Addiction?

Process addiction is an obsession with certain behaviors that can lead to psychological and physical harm. Unlike substance addiction, process addiction is not related to the use of drugs or alcohol but instead manifests itself in activities like:

  • Gambling
  • Sex
  • Pornography
  • Shopping
  • Gaming

It is important to note that some individuals may be addicted to multiple processes or substances simultaneously. It is also possible to experience process addiction without having a substance use disorder.

Process Addiction Treatment

Process addiction is not often regarded as a clinical addiction, and people may not even realize they are struggling. However, if you find yourself engaging in compulsive and obsessive behavior patterns and feel that it is affecting your personal life, relationships, career, and happiness, then seeking professional help becomes crucial.

At Zelus Recovery, we offer a comprehensive process addiction treatment program that is tailor-made to address individuals’ unique needs and challenges. Our approach to treating process addiction is rooted in compassion, respect, and evidence-based techniques that help individuals overcome their addiction and lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Ways That Behavior Addiction Treatment Helps Process Addictions

The following are some of the ways that our behavior addiction treatment program can help individuals struggling with process addictions:

Identifying Triggers

One of the key components of process addiction treatment is identifying the triggers that lead to compulsive behavior. We work with individuals to understand their triggers, the emotions or circumstances that lead to the compulsive behavior and develop coping mechanisms to counter them.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is an effective approach used in treating process addiction. It helps individuals understand the impact of their behavior on their lives and work towards developing a healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Family Therapy

Process addiction can often lead to strained relationships with family and loved ones. At Zelus Recovery, we offer family therapy to help individuals and their families regain their trust, communication, and understanding.

Holistic Therapy

We believe in treating the individual as a whole and not just their addiction. Our process addiction treatment program also includes holistic therapy, like yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, that helps individuals regain their focus and clarity and develop a positive outlook toward life.

Continued Support

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, and we understand the importance of continued support. Our alum program offers continued support and guidance to individuals, even after they have completed the process addiction program.

If You Have Behavioral Addiction in Idaho, Contact Zelus Recovery

Process addiction can be devastating, but seeking treatment can help individuals reclaim their lives and lead fulfilling lives.  If you have a process addiction, our Idaho behavior addiction treatment can help.

At Zelus Recovery, we offer compassionate, personalized, and evidence-based process addiction treatment that helps individuals overcome their addiction and develop a positive outlook toward life. If you or your loved one is struggling with process addiction, do not hesitate to seek help. Contact Zelus Recovery today at 208.518.0797 and take the first step towards a better future.