A group of young adults discuss substance abuse programsAccording to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 25% of teens aged 12–17 used illegal drugs. Furthermore, nearly 58% of young adults between the ages of 18–25 used illegal substances. This data highlights the urgent need for substance abuse programs that focus on teen and young adult needs. Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho, is here to meet that need.

Our Substance Abuse Programs

With young people, each drug abuse or addiction situation is unique. Zelus Recovery provides three levels of substance abuse programs that work to address those situations. In addition, we involve families in treatment and address co-existing mental health disorders. All of our programs offer comprehensive therapy plans.

It’s Never Too Early to Get Help

Parents of teens and young adults don’t have to wait for addiction to develop before they seek help. Addiction is a progressive disease that starts with drug abuse. After a while, continued drug use creates drug tolerance and then dependence before turning into an addiction.

Zelus Recovery has designed an Early Intervention Program for at-risk adolescents. Parents might notice a drop in grades, sneaking around, or changes in friends. These warning signs could indicate the beginning of alcohol or drug use. Getting a head start on these behaviors in our program can prevent substance abuse issues from getting worse.

Treatment That Doesn’t Disrupt Life

Drug abuse and addiction interfere with teens’ performance in school. Inpatient treatment pulls them out of the influential environments to focus on recovery. However, it also pulls them away from their education. To avoid disrupting the lives of teens and young adults, Zelus Recovery offers outpatient drug rehab.

During this treatment program, teens and young adults continue to live at home. They visit our rehab center at least once or twice a week for therapy sessions based on their needs. We schedule the sessions for after school or work to avoid interfering with their lives as much as possible.

Intensive Treatment for Those Who Need It

Due to severe substance abuse issues, some teens and young adults need to visit Zelus Recovery more often and attend more extensive therapy sessions. For our Intensive Outpatient Program, we create a treatment plan that includes three or four sessions every week. Like with our conventional outpatient program, we schedule the sessions for after school and work hours.

Involving Family Is an Important Step

No matter which program that we help you choose, family therapy plays a major role in our treatment approach. Although drug abuse and addiction affect the users, they also have an impact on their loved ones. It’s particularly hard for parents to watch their children struggle, but they also need to address their needs. Zelus Recovery teaches everyone involved how to be there for each other while caring for themselves.

Treatment for Other Mental Health Conditions

Since addiction causes a chemical imbalance in the brain, young people with addiction are susceptible to other mental conditions. On the other hand, young people with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression are susceptible to addiction.

Because these different mental health issues affect each other, teens and young adults with addiction and other mental problems need dual diagnosis treatment. At Zelus Recovery, we include this service for those in our programs who need it.

Zelus Recovery Helps Teens and Young Adults Recover

Alongside family counseling and co-occurring disorder treatment, our substance abuse programs utilize various therapies such as:

Don’t let yourself or your teen continue to struggle with drug abuse or addiction. Let Zelus Recovery show you the way to recovery. Contact us now at 866-365-4436 to learn more about our rehab center.