Substance abuse in the United States is at crisis levels. What’s even more startling is the number of teens and young adults who are affected by the drug epidemic. Thousands of teens and young people die each year from drug overdoses. These preventable deaths are heartbreaking for the families they leave behind. With the help of multisystemic therapy in Boise, Idaho, within a comprehensive Boise substance abuse program, teens can find the future a bright place.

The Complexity of Teen Drug Use

Teens are often difficult to understand. When they are very young, parents feel that they know their children well, but when the teenage years hit everything changes. Young people are going through many changes in various ways. Their bodies are developing, their brains are still forming, and they’re creating their personalities. This makes for a complex set of emotions through which the teen is trying to navigate.

All of these life changes can result in a lot of tumults, especially if there are any difficulties at home. Significant losses in a teen’s life can be devastating at this age. Even adults struggle with such things like divorce, death of a loved one, moving, job changes, and stress in the house. Imagine how your teen feels if thrown into the midst of emotionally charged situations. This is how drug use can begin.

Substance abuse isn’t a simple problem to solve. It probably took several steps to get into the problem he or she is in, and it will require intense focus and comprehensive intervention to get out. But it’s well worth the effort.


The Need for a Boise Substance Abuse Program in Boise, Idaho

At a substance abuse program in Boise, Idaho, families find hope and healing for their suffering teen. It’s hurtful to see your teen dealing with the effects of drug abuse and all the problem behaviors that go along with it. When attending a substance abuse treatment center in Boise, Idaho, you will discover the benefits of putting the problem into the hands of professionals who will guide you through the process.

Additionally, trying to manage a teen with a substance use disorder on your own can disrupt the family further. Your teen may withdraw from the family or go farther into drugs and even illegal activities. Through professional oversight and management at a heroin addiction treatment center in Boise, Idaho, your family will learn how to communicate effectively. Your teen will discover the core reasons why he or she is turning to drugs and what triggers cravings. Through intense therapy sessions at a Boise substance abuse program, your teen will get to the root of the problem and make a breakthrough.

Multisystemic Therapeutic Approach at a Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Boise, Idaho

Often, young people who come into rehab require multisystemic therapy. This approach provides intense treatment while at the same time, empowering the parents to be effective. Through this system, teens can attend the intensive outpatient program, which allows the parents to be with their teen and therapists are available 24/7 if needed.

Also, this program is family-focused and family-centric. Therapists enable families to achieve the goals they set forth. By helping parents identify their strengths and by also removing any barriers to success, parents can successfully help their teen to overcome their struggles. This reinforces the family bond so that by the end of the rehab, families are often closer than before.


A Substance Abuse Program

Some teens come to rehab with multiple addictions. They may have started out dabbling with marijuana, then drinking, and then went to harder drugs like heroin. Drug rehab centers for teens are equipped to treat a variety of drug and alcohol abuse problems. Likewise, programs may include:

  • Adderall addiction treatment center
  • Opioid and opiate addiction treatment center
  • Meth addiction treatment center

Treatment programs and therapies are evidence-based, which means they have been researched and found effective for treatment. If your teen is struggling with drug addiction, don’t delay treatment.



Very professional. Their experience really shows. I am impressed with how well they work with young people.

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Help at Zelus Recovery

Zelus Recovery is a compassionate drug treatment center specializing in healing families broken by drug addiction. We work specifically with teens and young adults to help them break free from drug addiction. Using evidence-based modalities that go to the core of addiction behavior, we see families find peace of mind.

For example, we offer a wide range of therapy treatments to ensure the best outcome. Some of our therapy programs include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Relationship therapy

In addition, at Zelus Recovery, there are different options for your teen’s stay. You can have your son or daughter attend any of the following:

  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient program
  • Early intervention for adolescents
  • Family program

Don’t let drug addiction and mental health disorders interfere with peaceful family life. Find help for your teen through multisystemic therapy and a Boise substance abuse program. With the help of professional and compassionate clinicians, therapists, and other staff members, your son or daughter can find a happy, substance-free future.

Contact us at 208.518.0797, and we’ll get your teen on the right road to healing.