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Telehealth Program

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Recovery is a team effort

In some situations, the best type and level of care you can receive is by visiting a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program for in-person therapy. Yet, today, there are new tools that may allow you to get the help and support you need virtually. Addiction treatment is available in a remote form, much like attending school or working from home. Telehealth, as it is called, is a streamlined way to support you as you start on the path of recovery. Zelus Recovery can help ensure you get this type of support.

How Does a Telehealth Program Work?

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In some situations, as noted, we may recommend that your first appointment with our team is completed in person. In other cases, that may not be necessary. The key is to reach out to our team to learn if a telehealth addiction treatment program can help you.

A telehealth addiction treatment program could be beneficial if:

  • You have reliable access to an internet connection as well as either a smartphone or a laptop with a webcam.
  • Learning, engaging, and communicating over video conference works for you.
  • Your at-home environment is safe, and you do not need detox services.
  • Committing to a remote therapy program is something you’re ready to do.
  • Your mental health or substance abuse needs are treatable from a distance.

You may be reaching out for your son or daughter, or you may be a young adult that needs help. We can provide that to you in this type of remote setting. Our goal is to provide you with resources and tools to support your healing and long-term health. You don’t always have to come into a facility for care.

What Type of Programs Are Used in a Telehealth Program?

Many of the individual therapy options we offer at Zelus Recovery can be completed online. This type of therapy allows you to interact with your therapist on a one-on-one basis, enhancing communication and learning. Many teens and young adults are already so well versed in online education and communication that virtual addiction treatment just makes sense.

Our team can offer addiction treatment that fits your needs through telehealth. This may include programs such as:

  • Adolescent treatment center programs
  • Addiction counseling services
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient rehab program
  • Early intervention program

We can help with most types of drug addiction, including illegal and legal, such as prescription medications like Adderall or Xanax. Whether your loved one is using these substances every day or you’re worried about their continued use, our team can offer insight and a consultation to determine if telehealth can help your needs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Through Telehealth

Another type of addiction treatment we may recommend for your needs is our dual diagnosis treatment program in Idaho. Many people with addiction also have underlying mental health disorders. This includes conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression. Many teens and young adults struggling with anxiety or past trauma may also turn to drugs to relieve their symptoms. Dual diagnosis works to provide addiction treatment along with mental health disorder treatment at the same time, create the best chance at recovery.

Ready to Get Support? Reach Out by Calling Zelus Recovery Now

A remote type of addiction treatment may be just what you need. It provides freedom in terms of getting care without having to visit an office to do so.

Telehealth is a type of treatment that can change your future. If you have a teen or young adult that needs help and you want to try addiction treatment from a remote standpoint, we can help you. To find out more, call Zelus Recovery at 208.518.0797 or connect with us online for one-on-one guidance.