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Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

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Recovery is a team effort

When it comes to helping teens and young adults overcome addiction, there are multiple treatment options to consider. However, one of the more effective types of treatment is rational emotive behavioral therapy. At Zelus Recovery, we offer this treatment because it helps clients change irrational beliefs. This step is essential for developing young minds. Through the behavioral therapy for teens Boise Idaho provides, teens can turn their life around.

Doctor talks to patient about rational emotive behavioral therapyWhat Is Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy?

Before enrolling in treatment, it’s helpful to understand rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT). In short, it’s a type of cognitive behavioral therapy. Albert Ellis developed this specific style of therapy in the mid-1950s. Despite being around for a while, the goal of helping people overcome irrational beliefs remains the same.

Rational emotive behavioral therapy Boise Idaho offers challenges people to identify and correct self-defeating feelings and thoughts. These negative thoughts and beliefs can lead to the development of negative behaviors and actions, such as substance abuse. Replacing them with positive ones leads to productive beliefs and can help teenagers overcome these negative behaviors.

The ABCs of REBT

When first detailing rational emotive behavioral therapy, Ellis said that people often blame external causes for their unhappiness. However, he believed that their own internal explanation of events causes psychological distress. Typically, psychological distress and mental illness are the driving forces behind addiction. As a result, good addiction treatment therapy helps people shift the blame from external to internal forces.

To better explain this process, Ellis created an ABC model for REBT. The A stands for the “activating event.” This event occurs in the environment around someone and triggers a reaction. The B stands for “beliefs” and refers to the beliefs that someone has about the situation or event.

The C in the ABC model, and possibly the most significant, stands for “consequences.” It refers to the emotional response that someone has as a result of his or her beliefs.

In short, the events that people experience are just one part of the overall puzzle. Another part is that they create their own consequences through their beliefs. In order to understand the impact of the events, they have to look at these beliefs.

What Can REBT Help Teens Overcome?

REBT can help young adults overcome a number of unique problems. For example, a rehab center can use it to help teens overcome addiction. The reason is that addiction is often an unhealthy consequence of a negative way of thinking.

However, REBT can help with underlying mental disorders as well, including depression and anxiety. In fact, it’s effective at helping people overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It’s important to deal with this condition because it’s a leading cause of substance abuse.

Zelus Recovery Can Aid You in Changing Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Is your teen in need of rational emotive behavioral therapy Boise Idaho has? If so, Zelus Recovery can provide the right level of care. Our Boise addiction treatment programs include REBT and other behavioral therapies. We’ll work closely with your son or daughter to achieve addiction recovery.

Of course, behavioral therapy isn’t enough alone. To truly help young adults overcome addiction, it takes customized treatment plans. At Zelus Recovery, we work hard to create unique treatment plans for each client. A few services that we offer include:

  • Group therapy program
  • Individual therapy program
  • Family counseling program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Intensive outpatient rehab
  • Trauma therapy program

Don’t let negative thoughts lead your teen down a destructive path. Find out if rational emotive behavioral therapy is right for him or her. Reach out to Zelus Recovery today at 208.518.0797 to find out what we can do for your teen.