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Individual Therapy Program

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Recovery is a team effort

Teens and young adults undergoing substance abuse counseling benefit from an individual therapy program. However, did you know there are different methods and approaches to individual therapy itself? Everyone is unique, and therefore, therapeutic approaches should be as well. Individual therapy is a great step to take in the journey of recovery, and it is is a great way to make a friend.

Therapist, Coach, or Cheerleader?

When participating in an individual therapy program, you work with a professional who specializes in addiction treatment. Typically, you’ll meet with them once or twice a week. The therapist becomes your coach, guiding you along the road to recovery. By giving you the necessary tools to permanently stop using, you’ll reach successful sobriety sooner than you know.

Additionally, your therapist cheers you on and helps you recognize your progress. However, you must understand therapists can’t make lifestyle changes for you. While they make suggestions, you’ll choose whether to follow them. Ultimately, it takes hard work to achieve lasting results.

Examples of Evidence-Based Individual Therapy Approaches

In recovery, there are various methods for working with teens and young adults. For example, addiction therapies might use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This approach works well for the majority of program participants. CBT allows you to evaluate your behavioral patterns, thoughts, and feelings.

Overall, the goal is to root out negative or destructive patterns leading to substance abuse. Experts believe drug use is a response to specific behavioral patterns. When you change these patterns, you’ll always have the power to choose sobriety. Individuals going through CBT recognize that former drug use was a stimulus response.

Another effective approach involves dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Within this framework, you acknowledge the negative patterns you’re powerless over. Frequently, these patterns deal with situations beyond your control. Above all, you’ll learn to accept negative behaviors and modify your emotional response to them. This is an effective coping method when triggers and temptation occur daily.

Incorporating An Individual Therapy Program

At the heart of successful teen and young adult addiction treatment programs is intensive outpatient rehab. Consider it the delivery vehicle for many other successful methods. These include:

  • Group therapy includes peers in similar situations
  • Family therapy involves loved ones in your recovery
  • Early intervention for adolescents struggling with substance abuse
  • Dual diagnosis treats addiction and mental illness simultaneously

Remember drug use doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Numerous external factors translate into triggers, which result in substance abuse. Similarly, recovery and relapse prevention are equally multisystemic. Above all, the long-term goal for teens and young adults is reaching lasting sobriety.

Therefore, seeking comprehensive treatment which caters to individual needs is necessary. Zelus Recovery offers a variety of addiction treatment methods that will get you back on your feet. Your sobriety is important to us and your family. Facilities that work with families and loved ones for additional recovery support pave the way for rebuilding trust. Of course, transforming loved ones into accountability partners is extremely beneficial.

Start Your Journey to Recovery Today

At Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho, we work with teens and young adults exclusively. We understand your unique needs and tailor our addiction therapy services to them. Zelus Recovery’s team understands the steps it takes to recover from drug withdrawal symptoms.You don’t have to continue the vicious cycle of addiction. You are not alone in the journey towards recovery. Call 208.518.0797 today for immediate assistance.