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Zelus Recovery Is Proud to Announce Our 2017 Scholarship Winner!

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Recovery is a team effort

Here at Zelus Recovery, helping teens and young adults struggling with addiction is our passion. Therefore, we’ve awarded a $1,000 college scholarship to a student we feel has shown strength, perseverance, confidence, and motivation in the addiction treatment field. Zelus Recovery is proud to announce that Elizabeth Glatte is our 2017 scholarship winner. She has shown us how substance abuse has impacted her life with clarity, attention to detail, and an inspirational tone we’re sure will motivate her in all future endeavors.

Zelus Recovery’s Scholarship Opportunity

For a little background information, our scholarship winner opportunity is for young adults ages 18 or older whose lives have been touched by substance abuse. Participants must be currently enrolled in an upcoming semester of college, university, or trade school in the United States.

We asked each student to submit a 500–1,000-word essay describing how substance abuse has impacted his or her life. Within this submission pool, Zelus Recovery’s scholarship winner needed to:

  • Show a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of addiction
  • Display empathy and warmth for those struggling with substance abuse
  • Present themselves as driven, studious, and hard-working

Our 2017 Scholarship Winner: Elizabeth Glatte

Overall, we feel Elizabeth—or as her friends call her, Lizz— displays all these characteristics and much more. Her passion is evident, and she’s very well-versed in the challenges those struggling with addiction face. With much consideration, we’ve chosen Lizz because we feel she will work tirelessly to heal, support, and enrich the lives of the many Americans who’ve fallen into the cycle of addiction.

Elizabeth is currently an undergraduate student studying social work. She aspires to receive a master’s degree with an emphasis on addiction studies as well as a minor in business. As a successful goal-oriented young adult, her main career goal is to open a faith-based addiction treatment center for women.

With a firm grasp and empathetic understanding of America’s need for assistance conquering the war on substance abuse, Lizz is passionate about helping the unfortunate victims of addiction and their families. Above all, she wants nothing more than to give hope to the hopeless and offer compassion and advocacy to those seeking a new life.

“I am honored to receive this award from Zelus Recovery. This is my first scholarship ever, and know this will help with the cost of school. I am currently studying in the field of Social Work and aspire to receive my Masters with an emphasis in Addiction Studies and a Minor In Business. After graduation I hope to open a faith based treatment center for women. I understand there is a high demand for assistance with the war on substance abuse. I have such a passion to impact the lives of those who are stuck in the world of addiction, look forward to give hope to the hopeless and help redirect those seeking a new life. Thank you again Zelus Recovery for the help on my own journey in a new life.” – Lizz G.

Zelus Recovery: Your Advocate for Successful Recovery

Zelus Recovery works to enrich the lives of teens and young adults struggling with substance abuse. Our facility, in Meridian, Idaho, provides a safe healing space far from peer pressure, toxic relationships, and temptation. We’re well-versed in what motivates young adults to use, the importance of early intervention, and how family support is central to successful recovery.

Therefore, we offer intensive outpatient and outpatient programs for young people who still need to focus on school. These programs allow participants to return home at night and receive treatment during the day. Thus, our clients are able to continue attending class while spending quality time with family at night.

We provide additional addiction treatment methods for every young adult’s continued health and happiness. These include:

  • Early intervention
  • Family program
  • Addiction treatment therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

If you fear your son or daughter is struggling with substance abuse, it’s never too late to get help. With the right support, sobriety is always possible. Call Zelus Recovery today at 208.518.0797 for transformative, life-changing treatment.