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woman after learning about Vivitrol therapy a Vivitrol program and visceral shotsThe opioid epidemic and alcohol abuse continue running rampant across the United States. Even very young people struggle with opioid and alcohol addictions, making Vivitrol therapy an important facet of your teen or young adult’s recovery. To safeguard your family and start rebuilding a brighter future for your loved ones, help your teen or young adult get the treatment they need.

About three million Americans struggle with opioid addiction right now. Another 15 million people find themselves stuck in a cycle of alcohol dependence. For these problems, Vivitrol therapy provides real hope for lasting change. Vivitrol can help your loved one, too.

The Role of Vivitrol Therapy in Your Teen or Young Adult’s Life

Your teen or young adult struggles with some of the most difficult addictions today. That addiction, whether to opioids or alcohol, makes achieving sobriety difficult. Quitting these substances proves so hard that many people lose their lives when trying to stop the substance abuse, through deadly relapse. So you should never underestimate the role of Vivitrol therapy in helping people “sober up.”

Vivitrol therapy involves Vivitrol shots provided by a medically supervised, quality treatment center for teens and young adults. This program administers Vivitrol shots to help your loved one phase out their substance abuse without risking their life. Using visceral shots like this also helps tame symptoms of withdrawal and reduce cravings.

More people start Vivitrol shots with each passing day. The benefits far outweigh any risks of this proven medication for opioid and alcohol dependence.

What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol shots, also called naltrexone, provide non-addictive prevention of opioid and alcohol dependence after detox. Doctors provide this medication through visceral shots after acute withdrawal ends.

At this time in early recovery, the medication helps lessen symptoms of late withdrawal and secure sobriety. The drug reduces cravings and temptations. Your teen or young person receives the medication through visceral shots, making abusing the drug impossible within a licensed treatment.

Vivitrol works because you do not feel the pleasurable effects of your alcohol or opioids when you abuse those drugs. In other words, your loved one cannot get high when they receive these important visceral shots. If they try to get high, they feel no sedation or euphoria that people addicted to these substances seek.

Your teen or young adult deserves every opportunity to stay sober at this important time in their life and development. So consider this important addiction therapy available through Boise addiction treatment programs at Zelus Recovery.

But Vivitrol therapy does not work on its own, for lasting recovery. Instead, your teen or young adult needs this therapy along with an array of other programs and services. In fact, your whole family needs and deserves treatment through the teen and young adult programs of Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho.

About Zelus Recovery’s Vivitrol Program

At Zelus Recovery, your teen or young adult gains early intervention and assessment for their substance abuse problems. If they use opioids or alcohol, they possibly make a good candidate for the Vivitrol program. Otherwise, you learn about other available methods for their specific needs and type of substance abuse.

At the same time, your whole family gets help for the aftermath of this addiction. Families stay heavily involved in rehab treatment from start to finish at Zelus Recovery. You attend group therapy with your young person, learn about their addiction together, and participate in other types of family services.

Therapies and Boise addiction treatment programs for your teen or young adult’s recovery include:

  • IOP and OP rehab treatment
  • Early intervention for adolescents
  • Treatment for ages 25 and under
  • Multi-systemic family approach
  • Individual, group and family therapy

Get your young person the Vivitrol therapy and other services they need to end their opioid or alcohol abuse. Contact Zelus Recovery now at 208.518.0797 and start looking forward to a better future.