A young man feels better in mens rehab programWhen teens and young adults struggle with substance abuse and addiction, recovery often feels like an enormous challenge. Even when parents are supportive and want to help, professional support is necessary. Therefore, for a number of reasons, a mens rehab program might seem like the right choice for a teen. Not to mention, a facility geared toward adolescents and young adults might be the better fit as well.

Is a Mens Rehab Program Necessary for Teens?

A lot of addiction treatment facilities emphasize programs that separate clients by gender. Often, this is a good thing. In residential programs where men and women both live 24/7, keeping the womens rehab program and mens rehab programs separate may be ideal.

Teens and young adults, however, don’t have the same needs. To start, many young people don’t opt for inpatient or residential rehab. Instead, outpatient programs allow them to begin recovery while continuing to return home every night. Without accommodation, there’s not much of a need to keep men and women separate during rehab.

Rehab programs also separate men and women because they have different treatment needs. Teens and young adults, however, have their own needs. Rather than separating people by gender, keeping young adults in their own treatment program targets their needs best.

The Value of Family Involvement

Whatever your age, having the support of loved ones goes a long way in addiction recovery. For teens and young adults, family involvement is important. It can make or break recovery and makes the whole process much easier for everyone.

That’s why young men may want to enroll in a family program rather than a mens rehab program. Attending a residential program for men means uprooting and starting over in a new environment. For teens and young adults living at home, this is very disruptive. By allowing family to become a part of recovery, lasting success is possible.

Additionally, family involvement takes many forms. Often, families begin the recovery process with an intervention. Family counseling also teaches loved ones about the origins of an addiction and how it’s a disease, not a choice.

Family therapy also repairs any damaged relationships between siblings, parents, and children. This is an opportunity to rebuild family ties and face addiction as a cohesive, supportive unit.

Young Adults Thrive on Routine

An adolescent treatment center, rather than a mens rehab program, also makes it easier to find a permanent routine. Teens and young adults benefit from everyday structure, and their schedules should be realistic for a successful future. Rather than establishing one schedule for rehab and then one for everyday life, combine them both to create a lasting pattern of behavior.

Teens can continue to live at home and, thus, continue attending school. They can add in therapy sessions and treatment in the afternoons, evenings, or weekends. They can incorporate recovery into their daily life, making relapse prevention much easier.

Rehab at Zelus Recovery

At Zelus Recovery, we design programs specifically for teens and young adult addiction treatment needs. This includes a safe environment and evidenced-based approaches to recovery. We use the following approaches:

Family therapy
Group therapy
Behavioral therapy
Dual diagnosis treatment

Rather than choosing a mens rehab center, consider a program designed exclusively for teens. At Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho, teens and young adults can get the targeted treatment they deserve. Call 866-365-4436 for life-changing recovery.