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Recovery is a team effort

older man ponders the need for alcohol recovery for his sonHaving an alcohol use disorder is exhausting. You spend a great deal of time hiding your drinking from people you love. You also spend far too much time and energy trying to make up for your drinking, unmet responsibilities, and family expectations. Alcohol recovery provides the relief from alcohol addiction that you need to get your life back on track for yourself and those who love you.

You don’t suffer your alcohol addiction alone. You also won’t recover alone. The same is true if a young person in your life is the one experiencing alcohol dependence. Together, your entire family needs healing.

With the right alcohol recovery treatment, you can live a better life. You gain an understanding of why you or your loved one started drinking. You also learn what you need to keep addiction out of your life and wellness in it.

Alcohol Recovery for the Whole Family

For your loved one’s ideal treatment and best recovery, you must consider many factors. These factors in alcohol recovery include their medical history, family support, personal motivation and history of substance abuse. Your teen or young adult also must gain an addiction assessment. An addiction specialist conducts this assessment, using results toward the creation of an individualized treatment plan.

In alcohol rehab, your teen gains full support. Their peers in rehab, treatment professionals, and entire family work together for reliable recovery. If your family member needs this treatment, this means you roll your sleeves up and participate. You even gain some of the help you need with recovering from the addiction in your family.

For teens and young adults, overcoming alcohol addiction is a long process. Many challenges exist ahead. But with the right treatment, young people experience great odds for lasting sobriety. Rehab is an investment in your family’s future.

Deciding When to Get Treatment

It’s imperative to get treatment as early in the addiction as possible. It’s also important that you, your teen, or young adult realize they need help for drinking. Sometimes this means friends and family must stage an intervention. During an intervention you tell your loved one how their substance abuse concerns you and offer the help they need.

Your teen or young adult needs alcohol recovery if they show the signs of alcohol addiction, including:

  • Frequent binge drinking or drinking “until drunk”
  • Changing moods, giving excuses and neglected responsibilities
  • Low work or school performance
  • Denying drinking too much
  • Violent or criminal behavior
  • Lost interest in favorite activities

It’s never too early for alcohol treatment. Without treatment, alcohol addiction causes other health, financial, legal, relationship, and professional problems. For your teen or young adult’s best chance at life, recovery never comes too soon. But it can come too late.

Idaho Treatment for Your Teen or Young Adult

In Meridian, Idaho, Zelus Recovery provides the alcohol rehab in Boise your teen or young adult needs. In fact, your whole family recovers through treatment at Zelus Recovery.

Addiction treatment programs include:

For your young adult or teen’s best chance of lasting recovery, call Zelus Recovery at 208.518.0797.