A young man feels better at an alcohol addiction treatment center in BoiseIs your teen or young adult struggling with alcohol dependency? As a concerned parent, this can be devastating. The best course of action is helping your son or daughter attend an alcohol addiction treatment center. If this is all new to you, you might wonder how to choose the right facility. Some people prefer staying close to home so the entire family can take part in treatment. If you live in Idaho, an alcohol addiction treatment center in Boise may be the solution your family needs.

Does Your Child Need An Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Boise?

Your teenager has been acting more secretive lately. They’ve stopped hanging around old friends, and now they have a new crowd. However, they never bring their new friends around.

Your son or daughter’s grades are falling, and they spend more time partying than studying. What’s going on?

If you suspect your child has a drug or alcohol problem, you could be right. Even if your teen is too young to legally buy alcohol, it may surprise you how easily they can get their hands on some. For example, they may sneak drinks while you’re not home or drink at a friend’s house. Additionally, they may know older adults who are willing to purchase alcohol for them.

Overall, while adolescents go through a lot of changes, parents often know when something seems off.

Does your child:

  • Refuse to let you into their room?
  • Often smell like alcohol?
  • Chew mints continuously to mask their breath?
  • Become defensive if you ask about alcohol use?
  • Act inebriated, such as slurring their speech or becoming unsteady?

Alcohol abuse is serious business. Left untreated, young people with dependence increase their chances of developing alcoholism later in life. In addition, drinking may also impair physical and psychological development.

Above all, getting your child into alcohol rehab gives them the opportunity for a bright future.

Alcohol Rehab in Boise

Seeking treatment close to home is beneficial for various reasons.

For example, your child will be in a familiar area which eases apprehensions brought on by being far from home. The more comfortable your child feels, the more likely they are to actively participate in rehab. This gives them a better chance at long-term recovery.

For someone in an outpatient alcohol addiction treatment center, it’s easier to attend therapy sessions when the facility is close to home.

Therefore, seeking an alcohol addiction treatment center in Boise is beneficial if you live in Idaho. Rehab isn’t just for those coping with substance abuse. Addiction is a family disease. Thus, by taking part in counseling that includes family members, everyone can heal. Ultimately, it’s usually not enough to heal just one person. Overall, a healthy family can be whole again with a quality family therapy program.

Give your loved ones the chance everyone deserves by seeking outpatient treatment for your adolescent or young adult.

Zelus Recovery Helps Teens and Young Adults Achieve Sobriety

If you need alcohol rehab in the Boise area, Zelus Recovery is the addiction treatment facility you’re looking for. We’re located in Meridian, Idaho, and treat anyone under the age of 25. In addition, our facility works with families in Boise, Eagle, Nampa, and surrounding area.

We maintain a small, intimate environment to give your son or daughter individual care for life-changing recovery.

Our substance abuse programs include:

Don’t let drugs or alcohol destroy your family. We’ll help your teen or young adult begin recovery in a safe, supportive environment. Make that call today: 866-365-4436.