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Boise Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

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Recovery is a team effort

Getting the right quality of care is important for teens and young adults. When someone has an addiction, a men’s rehab program offers a safe, supportive environment for the individual’s long-term recovery. Through the right level of care, individuals have a better chance of becoming and staying sober.

What Causes Alcohol Addiction?

Family Helping With Alcohol Addiction In Boise substance abuse programs, clients can learn more about the contributing factors and causes of addiction. Today, scientists know that about half of someone’s chances of developing an addiction are because of their genetics. Family history is the best predictor of whether someone will suffer from substance abuse later on in life.

Genetics may make the individual’s brain more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. In addition, certain mental disorders can make someone more likely to have an addiction. Other than genetics, biological factors like repeated or prolonged alcohol abuse can actually change the brain’s chemistry. The mind develops a tolerance and dependence on alcohol, which ultimately leads to addiction.

Social causes can also make addiction more likely. When teens and young adults drink with their friends, they may think that it is safe because alcohol is legal and socially acceptable. Before long, social drinking becomes an addictive habit. Once this happens, a Boise alcohol addiction treatment center can help the individual become sober.

What Therapies Are Available in a Boise Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

Struggling with Alcohol Addiction

Initially, the Boise alcohol addiction treatment center will help the client get rid of their physical and chemical addiction to alcohol. Afterward, the client can begin the rehab process. During this stage of treatment, the rehab offers different therapies to help the client recover.

The best alcohol addiction treatment center Boise, Idaho provides includes family therapy. Substance abuse affects everyone in the family, so it is important that everyone is able to get treatment. Relationship therapy also helps clients rebuild their broken relationships.

In a group support meeting, individuals can gain feedback, advice, and support from fellow clients. Meanwhile, individual therapy helps clients work through their personal, unique problems. Some therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy assist clients in changing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that fuel their addiction.

What Are the Effects of Addiction?

At the best early intervention program Boise, Idaho rehabs offer, clients can learn more about the dangerous effects of alcoholism. Substance abuse can cause physical side effects like blacking out, alcohol poisoning, depression, and anxiety. It can also lead to problems at school or work.

Drinking frequently causes problems among friends and family members as well. The individual may lie about where they are going and try to hide their drinking. Over time, they may become more isolated from their loved ones. Often, they will hang out with new friends who also have substance abuse problems.

Very professional. Their experience really shows. I am impressed with how well they work with young people.

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Teens and Young Adults Deserve a Fresh Start

With the best alcohol addiction treatment center Boise, Idaho offers, teens and young adults can finally get the treatment they deserve. Becoming sober is not easy, and it is extremely difficult to do it alone. Because of this, many teens and young adults find a recovery center that can help them with their recovery. At the best teen drug rehab program Boise, Idaho has available, clients can discover a better future.

In a treatment center, clients can get help through options such as:

  • Family and group therapy
  • Early intervention for adolescents
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Relationship therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Psychotherapy

No one deserves the lasting pain and suffering of addiction. Through the best Boise alcohol addiction treatment center, teens and young adults can get the support they need to recover. Zelus Recovery strives to help each client become sober and achieve a better life. To discover more information about our programs, call us today at 208.518.0797.