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Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

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woman suffering from xanax withdrawal symptomsThe abuse of prescription medications is a growing problem across the country today. The following facts will talk about a commonly prescribed medication called Xanax. This material will cover common Xanax withdrawal symptoms, as well as effective rehab treatment options.

What is Xanax?

In order to understand Xanax withdrawal symptoms, it is important to know what this drug is for. Xanax is a powerful sedative that is typically used to treat severe panic and anxiety disorders. In addition to disturbing Xanax withdrawal symptoms, the regular use of this medication can lead to troubling daily side effects.

Possible Xanax Side Effects

It is no surprise that Xanax withdrawal symptoms can be severe and troubling. However, this drug can also cause damaging side effects in people who use it exactly as prescribed. The following list highlights a few of these common side effects:

Extreme Daytime Drowsiness

The sedating effects of Xanax can be potent. Even if the medication is for the evening, these effects can last into the next day. Severe daytime drowsiness can make it hard to perform important daily tasks.

Poor Judgement

Xanax can impact specific areas of the brain responsible for proper judgment and decision making. Those taking this medication on a regular basis may begin to have trouble making good decisions.

Coordination Problems

Muscle weakness and tremors can also result from medications like Xanax. When this occurs, it can be hard for a person to maintain proper balance and coordination.

Mood Disturbances

In some cases, people using Xanax for a period of time may have trouble regulating their mood. They may develop additional mental health issues such as depression and paranoia, for example.

Signs of a Xanax Addiction

Do you know how to recognize the signs of a Xanax addiction? Pay attention to any of the following clues:

  • Mood changes- People with an addiction often experience chronic mood swings and personality changes. These problems can make maintaining healthy relationships difficult.
  • Seeking multiple doctors- Those facing an addiction to Xanax may also seek care from several different doctors. This allows them to obtain multiple prescriptions to avoid running out of medication.
  • Inability to perform- Those struggling with addiction are often unable to perform daily tasks such as maintaining steady work, caring for children, or even shopping for groceries. The inability to live up to other people’s expectations can also be very damaging to existing relationships.
  • Xanax withdrawal symptoms- When a true addiction occurs, a person will generally find himself unable to break free from substance abuse on his own. When he tries to cut back on his medication use, he will experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

Xanax Addiction Treatment Options

If you are troubled with severe Xanax withdrawal symptoms, it is important to note that real help is available. The right kind of Xanax addiction treatment program can give you a fresh start in life. Common and effective treatment options often include in-depth forms of psychotherapy, behavioral modification techniques, community support groups, family interventions, and prescription medication. A skilled rehab center will also help you create a relapse-prevention protocol to reduce your risk of future problems.

If you’re dealing with Xanax withdrawal symptoms, finding the right Boise substance abuse programs might be easier than you realize. Zelus Recovery is a skilled rehab center that provides innovative treatment options for teens and young adults. The compassionate treatment team at Zelus provide access to family programs, early intervention, and outpatient programs in the Meridian, Idaho area.

An untreated addiction does not have to control your future happiness. The right treatment center can give you the tools necessary to triumph over addiction. Call 208.518.0797 to learn more about the effective treatment options available at Zelus Recovery.