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Young Adult Drug Rehab

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Recovery is a team effort

Adolescents who abuse drugs need help as soon as possible. When this doesn’t happen, they become young adults with chemical dependency. Zelus Recovery offers young adult drug rehab programs that focus on the unique needs of this demographic. Here’s how it works.

Taking Inventory of Your Situation

young teen male in need of the young adult drug rehab Meridian Idaho offersYou’ve had enough of people telling you what to do. That’s understandable. Young adult drug rehab emphasizes the importance of self-regulation. It begins with a meeting where you and a therapist meet to determine your care options.

Because most rehab centers focus on working with older adults, a young adult drug rehab center can be your best option. You need to get the best help right now. Therefore, you need therapists who understand your situation. Zelus Recovery understands that you need to be in the driver’s seat of your recovery.

The young adult drug rehab that Meridian, Idaho residents trust focuses on your unique needs. This isn’t the time for feeling guilty or wishing you had made different choices. Rather, it is time for you to set a course to long-term recovery. At the heart of this process is an evidence-based treatment protocol.

Evidence-Based Treatments in Young Adult Drug Rehab

As you discuss your chemical dependency with a therapist, patterns emerge. You notice that there are some areas where personal growth will help you. Besides that, you can pinpoint dysfunction that you want to change. Boise long term addiction support specialists customize the care approach with this information in mind.

Evidence-based treatments are those types of care approaches that helped others in a young adult drug rehab center. They’ve shown excellent success, which makes them suitable to use in your position. Examples include:

Learning New Coping, Social, and Life Skills

Young adult drug rehab focuses on overcoming addiction. Similarly, it leads you to have healthy responses in a stressful situation. For some, this means developing new ways of coping with stress. If you relied on alcohol to numb you, working with the young adult drug rehab center lets you make changes.

For others, there are peer group challenges; you may have a difficult time setting boundaries. Therapy at the young adult drug rehab that Meridian, Idaho can count on lets you practice new social skills. Group therapy is an excellent tool for practicing how to say no without feeling weird, and it quickly becomes second nature.

By the time you graduate from the program, you no longer feel awkward in social situations. Another focus of young adult drug rehab is life skills training. You may have never paid a lot of attention to budgeting, following a healthy lifestyle, or getting a job. Therapists work with you to develop these.

After Young Adult Drug Rehab

Everything leads up to program graduation. You’ve learned skills that make it possible to navigate around temptations. Similarly, the young adult drug rehab Meridian, Idaho trusts have helped you fix mistakes. You’re ready to move forward and live a drug-free life. Sure, there may be some hiccups along the way.

That said, help is always there. Almost all program graduates benefit from attending support group meetings. Others practice meditation and yoga for proactive stress relief.

Learn More About Zelus Recovery’s Young Adult Drug Rehab Today

Find out today how your life could change for the better. The young adult drug rehab at Zelus Recovery can help you to get on the road to recovery. Learn more about Zelus Recovery by calling 208.518.0797 today.