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Young Adult Heroin Rehab

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Recovery is a team effort

You’ve made it past the dope sickness. It left you shaky. You never want to experience something like it again. Zelus Recovery’s young adult heroin rehab can become a stepping stone toward this goal.

How Young Adult Heroin Rehab Is Different from Standard Facilities

teen female in need of the young adult heroin rehab Meridian Idaho providesZelus Recovery doesn’t cater to an older clientele. By focusing our treatments on teens and young adults, we’re able to customize care options for you. After all, your needs are entirely different from those of someone twice your age. Therefore, you benefit from working with therapists who understand where you’re coming from.

It starts with care delivery. Most facilities insist that you enter residential care — Zelus Recovery’s different. We want you to live at home or in an environment where you’re most comfortable.

We believe that not upsetting your structure is essential. Furthermore, we want you to continue going to school or work. That’s why we designed an intensive outpatient young adult heroin rehab program. It offers structure and evidence-based care protocols.

Inside the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Care at our young adult heroin rehab center must be convenient. Because we understand that you’re building a life, we let you schedule therapy around school or work. Similarly, the young adult heroin rehab Meridian Idaho can count on offers flexible session scheduling. Usually, you undergo three or four sessions each week.

Whereas other Boise addiction treatment programs can feel intrusive, Zelus Recovery becomes part of your routine. Besides that, therapists customize a care protocol for you so that sessions have relevance to daily life. You learn skills at the young adult heroin rehab center that you can apply that day. Examples include:

Women and Men’s Young Adult Heroin Rehab

Men and women experience substance abuse differently. Stressors and triggers vary. Most importantly, a willingness to open up about triggers may not be there in mixed group settings. As the young adult heroin rehab Meridian Idaho can trust, Zelus Recovery offers gender-specific tracks.

Some meetings separate along the gender lines to make program participants feel at ease. You deal with peers who understand where you’re coming from. They share similar experiences. Therefore, you’re more likely to benefit from their input and encouragement.

Gender-specific care at the young adult heroin rehab center also allows you to open up about sensitive topics. When these involve sexual abuse, domestic violence, and mental health issues, single-sex groups work best. Because effective care is vital, Zelus Recovery begins this practice at the teen mental health treatment center Meridian Idaho trusts.

Walk Away from Opiates

Right now, it might seem difficult to envision yourself becoming free of opiates. Post-acute withdrawal symptoms might still bother you. Most importantly, you can’t picture yourself even overcoming the cravings. That said, it’s possible to get there.

Entrust your care to the specialists who do nothing but work with teens and young adults. A young adult heroin rehab knows the pitfalls you might face in the future and can prepare you. Besides that, you don’t have to move into a center and surround yourself with strangers to make it happen. Connect with Zelus Recovery, the young adult heroin rehab Meridian Idaho can count on, by calling 208.518.0797 right now.