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Codeine Addiction

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One of the biggest issues our country faces today is the ongoing prescription drug addiction crisis. A primary reason as to why this crisis keeps getting worse is because the drugs are not illegal. Many think the primary source of the drug crisis is heroin, but most people started off with prescription medications like codeine. You may be struggling with a codeine addiction for a variety of reasons, but it’s important to know help is available.

Codeine Addiction for Pain Patients

girl struggling with a codeine addictionCodeine is a pain medication that doctors give to those who have chronic pain or are recovering from an injury. The medication acts by blocking various pain receptors in the brain, but it also triggers dopamine, which gives pleasure. One of the major problems we have is that doctors prescribe far too much of this potentially addictive medication. Over time, you can develop a tolerance and dependence on the drug, which then leads to addiction.

It’s challenging for people who have a prescription for this medication to realize they have a problem because it’s from a doctor. The reality is that although the medication may come from your doctor doesn’t mean you don’t have an addiction. Addiction is an extremely cunning, and it’s even harder to spot when it’s a codeine addiction. Addiction affects a part of the brain responsible for self-awareness, so it’s common to be in denial about addiction. It’s important to know about the following signs, so you know if you need help:

  • Taking more than your prescription
  • Going to multiple doctors to get more of the medication
  • Mixing the medication with other substances like alcohol for a stronger effect
  • Your use of the medication is affecting your job
  • Friends or family have commented about your prescription drug abuse

Codeine Addiction and Substance Abuse

We live in a time where more people are struggling with their mental health than ever before, and it’s a source of the drug crisis. When people are dealing with symptoms of anxiety, depression or general unhappiness, it’s common to turn to substances. People turn to various drugs as a way to get rid of feelings, have an escape or to get a certain feeling. Unfortunately, you might be someone who is self-medicating your problems with a drug like codeine.

Although you may have tuned to codeine as a solution to your problems, you probably see how it’s now causing more problems. No matter what your situation is, it’s important to get treatment to learn a new way of living. While caught in the cycle of addiction, it’s difficult to imagine living a happy life without the use of substances. There are millions of people just like you who were able to quit and live the life that they deserve.

Getting Help for Codeine Addiction

If you realize that you’re struggling with an addiction to codeine, Zelus Recovery offers substance abuse programs that can help. We’re an addiction treatment facility with a dedication to helping people recover from addiction and live a better life. We have a major focus on family programs as well because addiction is a disease that affects everyone involved. We want to help you as well as your loved ones begin to repair and rebuild your relationships to have a brighter future.

If you’re struggling with a codeine addiction, we offer a wide range of programs that can help you recover. Some of the methods we use here at Zelus Recovery include the following:

For more information regarding a codeine addiction, please call Zelus Recovery today at 208.518.0797.