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Marijuana Use in Teens

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Marijuana use in teens continues to be a severe problem affecting millions of young people. While many might believe marijuana is harmless, it can actually cause many issues for those who choose to use it.

What is Marijuana?

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Marijuana is an illegal drug that comes from the cannabis plant. It contains several compounds that have a mind-altering effect on the user. As a result, marijuana abuse can result in severe changes in a person’s thinking and behavior patterns. These compounds can also pave the way for a serious addiction to occur.

Understanding Marijuana Use in Teens

Marijuana use in teens is widespread. The drug is often seen as harmless by teens or adolescents. This factor may play a role in how frequently younger individuals abuse the drug. Even though it comes from a natural plant, it’s important that teens understand the risks involved in marijuana use.

Side Effects of Marijuana Use in Teens

Marijuana use in teens is not without adverse effects. Be mindful of the following side effects associated with marijuana abuse:

  • Anxiety or paranoia– The effects that marijuana creates in the brain can cause some people to become paranoid or extremely anxious. They may even hear things that aren’t there.
  • Depression– The abuse of marijuana can cause some people to feel depressed. These extreme sad feelings can worsen over time. Depression may affect a person’s ability to carry out their standard functions.
  • Social isolation– Those abusing marijuana may choose to keep away from others. They may do this intentionally to hide their behaviors. Alternatively, they might isolate themselves because the drug causes them to feel depressed.
  • Difficulty thinking– Marijuana can slow down specific functions of the brain. This can result in problems with memory, focus, concentration, or decision-making skills. Those abusing the drug may feel confused or mentally sluggish.
  • Mood swings– Marijuana abuse can also create severe mood swings in some people. In these cases, a person’s mood will seem to shift between various emotions without any warning.

Leading Treatment Options for Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction treatment can include several types of interventions. Most people benefit the greatest from a variety of treatment approaches that work together to provide relief. Your plan of action for fighting addiction might include personal or group therapy, family and community-based interventions, behavioral modification, or medication-based therapies.

How to Help Your Troubled Teen

If you suspect your teen has a problem with marijuana abuse, it’s normal to feel frightened and overwhelmed. Don’t let these feelings keep you from getting help. It’s important to note that your teen may be experiencing some of the same negative emotions. They may also feel very alone in their struggles. One of the best things you can do is to show your concern and love. Try to keep your teen open to the idea of talking about their issues and feelings. As a family, you can work toward finding the best treatment center for your needs and future goals.

Zelus Recovery

Finding the right kind of substance abuse programs for your needs may be easier than you realize. Zelus Recovery is a substance abuse and addiction treatment center in Meridian, Idaho. The treatment team at Zelus focuses on providing quality programs for young people and adolescents. Elements of the treatment programs offered can include family-centered therapies, early intervention, and outpatient techniques.

Marijuana use in teens should always be taken seriously. If you suspect your teen is using marijuana, or any other drug, find help now. Call 208.518.0797 to discover more information about our addiction treatment services.