Outpatient rehab at Zelus Recovery might be the one thing that stands between teens or young adults and addiction. It can head off beginning chemical dependencies before they turn into long-term substance abuse. Cigna health insurance in Idaho can help you pay for treatment. In this way, it can make a powerful difference for your family.

The Affordable Care Act Mandates Insurers to Pay for Rehab

In the past, your insurance company could avoid paying for behavioral counseling. Some considered it a pre-existing condition. Others didn’t pay for rehab because they didn’t consider addiction a disease. The Affordable Care Act made positive changes within the insurance industry.

Rehab insurance coverage now comes standard with most policies. A good example is Cigna Health Insurance in Idaho. Many of its PPO plans, as well as some others, now feature this provision. Zelus Recovery intake advisors assist you in researching your coverage details.

Cigna Health Insurance in Idaho Helps Many Families Afford Rehab

two doctors overlooking paperwork for Cigna health Insurance In IdahoCigna has taken a strong stand for compassionate care of individuals suffering from addiction. Because addiction’s a disease, the insurer advocates for good-quality treatment. Most importantly, it seeks to provide access to care for its members. Because there are many different plans available from the insurer, you might have one that could help you right now.

Part of its approach is prevention. Catching substance abuse before it becomes chemical dependency is essential. Cigna Health Insurance in Idaho also believes in funding evidence-based care. These approaches are therapies that helped others overcome addiction.

Therefore, they show proof that they could be useful in helping your family, too.

A Closer Look at Evidence-Based Treatments

In contrast to boutique treatments that focus on a program’s founder, evidence-based treatments work across the board. They show effectiveness in all states. Most importantly, they serve teens and young adults who need help with substance abuse. Examples include:

  • Family therapy, which emphasizes the importance of drawing closer to one another and communicating
  • Behavioral counseling as a way for destructive patterns to give way to healthy coping skills
  • Life skills training that helps teens and young adults to find new ways of handling specific triggers
  • Group therapy that assists with accountability in a larger setting
  • Individual therapy as a way to overcome reasons for abusing substances through new stress management techniques

One of the most essential evidence-based treatments is dual diagnosis care. Teens or young adults may struggle with mental health disorders. Examples include bipolar, personality, or anxiety disorders. However, few know that they have these conditions.

Far more self-medicate to deal with symptoms. Because they have no professional assistance with managing these underlying conditions, they look to drugs. These are easy to get. Besides that, they might make them feel better for a while.

In the long run, self-medicating behavior makes things worse. It can aggravate the underlying condition. Cigna Health Insurance in Idaho considers dual diagnosis care an evidence-based technique. Because it provides simultaneous treatment for a co-occurring disorder and addiction, it can lead to recovery.

One Call Could Make a Significant Difference in Your Life

Is your teen or young adult struggling with substance abuse? Are you at your wits’ ends? Have you been trying to help but ran out of ways to approach your loved one? There’s help.

Zelus Recovery can make the difference that gets your family and communication styles back on track. An intake specialist will contact Cigna Health Insurance in Idaho to verify coverage. Next, you work with therapists who customize a care protocol for your teen or young adult. Call 866-365-4436 today to get things rolling.