A woman undergoes alcohol addiction treatmentWhile it remains illegal for any American under 21, alcohol is one of the most popular and accessible drugs for young people. Overall, addiction centers that focus on teens and young adults typically treat a majority for alcohol abuse. What’s more, addiction to alcohol proves to be more dangerous than any other drug dependency. This is because withdrawal can be fatal. Thus, how does alcohol addiction treatment work? By detailing the health risks and describing common methods for treating the disease, you’ll learn what to expect from alcohol rehab.

The Health Risks of Alcohol Addiction

Generally, alcohol consumption affects every part of the body. Depending on your gender, weight, and genetics, these symptoms vary. However, no one is immune to the consequences of alcohol abuse. Just one night of binge drinking can result in serious disruptions to your health. Unfortunately, repeating use and addiction can lead to chronic disease, health conditions, and even death.

The most common diseases resulting from alcohol addiction include:

  • Liver disease
  • Ulcers
  • Malnourishment and vitamin deficiency
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Accidents resulting from impaired motor functions

Nobody wants these results to affect them or any family member. Therefore, alcohol addiction treatment can help. However, medical professionals still do not fully understand alcohol addiction. As a result, treatment methods develop largely through trial and error. Keep in mind, though, this doesn’t make them any less effective.

The Twelve-Step Program

The twelve-step program is currently the most popular alcohol addiction treatment method. Millions of people use it annually, and the majority of U.S. rehab centers follow it to some degree. Thankfully, the twelve-step program doesn’t leave much leeway for relapse. The popular program heavily emphasizes living a moral life, the importance of accepting a spiritual power, and acknowledging the impact addiction has on those around you. Outside of treatment, the twelve-step program unites anyone attending one of the thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that take place regularly across the country. This provides a sense of community and recovery support alcohol users need.

Behavioral Therapy

Quite different from the twelve-step program, behavioral treatment involves meeting with a medical professional to help conquer alcohol dependence. Treatment specialists help patients develop certain habits, diets, and attitudes in order to control their drinking. Specific programs vary widely, but include:

  • Individual therapy – Meeting with a therapist with a background in addiction therapy to discuss the root cause of substance abuse.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – Sessions occur in groups and focus on replacing negative thoughts and triggers with positive ones.
  • Motivational therapy – This treatment uses positive reinforcement to limit alcohol dependency. Patients set goals with counselors and learn necessary skills to achieve them.

Medication Treatment

Currently, the public has access to three FDA-approved drugs which help people with alcohol addictions reach sobriety. For example, Naltrexone helps reduce heavy drinking. Likewise, Acamprosate helps people in recovery stay clean, and Disulfiram keeps the body from breaking down alcohol so the drug can’t enter the bloodstream. Consequently, if alcohol does enter the bloodstream, severe nausea ensues. However, these drugs aren’t for everyone. Like every medication, they may cause side-effects. Therefore, always consult a psychiatrist with questions you have before using them.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Zelus Recovery

At Zelus Recovery, we understand the most successful alcohol addiction treatment methods incorporate some or all of the above methods. While we offer specific programs, like Dual Diagnosis, an Intensive Outpatient Program, Early Intervention, and Family Therapy, we treat our patients based on their individual needs.

Don’t let alcohol addiction control your life any longer. If you’re under 25, Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho can help you traverse the bumpy road to recovery. Your dependency may be unique, but, with a toolkit including the twelve-step program, behavioral therapy, and medication treatment, you can easily transform your life. Call us today at 866-365-4436 to start living happier and healthier.