Addiction is hard enough for teens and young adults to deal with. However, what happens when they’re also struggling with co-occurring mental health conditions? At Zelus Recovery, we understand the importance of addressing these issues simultaneously. As part of our ongoing efforts to help adolescents get treatment, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. Studies show that co-existing diseases are common in people who suffer from addiction.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

A dual diagnosis program involves treatment that focuses on more than one mental disorder. It’s important when dealing with addiction in young adults because mental disorders usually come in pairs. For example, people who suffer from alcohol addiction often suffer from clinical depression or anxiety as well.

Experts say that it’s common for people to have multiple mental disorders. Once a chemical imbalance develops in the brain, more disorders can appear. Since addiction is a mental disease, it only stands to reason that other mental disorders can develop.

Why It’s Important to Address Co-Existing Disorders During Youth

Co-existing diseases are dangerous because they play on each other. Treating one without addressing the other often leads to relapse. For example, treating young adults and adolescents for alcohol addiction won’t help if they still have problems with depression. The chances of relapse remain significant.

At Zelus Recovery, we’ve found that mental disorders such as depression and anxiety can also trigger addiction. It’s important for adolescents to learn how to handle these triggers to avoid relapse in the future.

Let Zelus Recovery Help You Overcome Addiction

At Zelus Recovery, we take great pride in giving our young clients the attention and support that they deserve. We’ve catered our substance abuse programs specifically to teens and young adults. Some of the different programs that we offer include:

At Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho we focus heavily on family involvement when it comes to treating substance abuse. It’s essential for teens to see that their families love and support them.

We use multiple types of therapy to aid recovery in teens and young adults. Using therapy, we can get to the root cause of addiction and help identify triggers. The goal of therapy is to prevent relapse in the future.

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