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5 Myths About Teen Cannabis Rehab

As marijuana becomes legal in states all over the country, teens are beginning to see more and more reasons to try the gateway drug. However, just because a substance is legal does not mean its use doesn’t have consequences. Discussing marijuana rehab with your teen can be pretty difficult, as most teens feel like they’re being punished or might disagree that they require treatment.

If you suspect that you or your teen is addicted to marijuana, reach out to us at Zelus Recovery to discuss our teens and family rehab program via 208.518.0797 today.

Myths About Marijuana Rehab

You or your teen may have heard one of the many myths about what happens during teen marijuana rehab. These myths have made it difficult for parents to convince their children that teen cannabis rehab programs can be incredibly beneficial and pleasant experiences for everybody involved.

Here are five common myths about teen cannabis rehab:

1. Teen Rehabs Are Discipline Camps

Many teens think that entering a teen rehab is signing them up for punishment, such as a wilderness or discipline camp. This is actually not at all the case. The only similarity between teen marijuana rehab and these camps is that in both scenarios, the patient will be away from home for a couple of weeks.

Teen marijuana rehabs offer treatment plans and even medical treatment when necessary. The goal of teen cannabis rehab programs is to monitor a patient and give them an open and honest exploration of the psychotherapeutic treatment options available.

2. Teen Rehabs Are Unenjoyable

Some of the treatment options for teen cannabis rehab patients include (but are not limited to):

  • Indoor and outdoor adventure courses,
  • Cooking therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

Teens are more often than not given choices and the option of having a voice on what therapies they would rather attend. Patients will be able to develop relationships with both their peers and their personal therapist. A personal therapist will be available to check in and make sure that the treatment goals set are being reached.

3. Brainwashing is the Goal

Many teens believe that seeking help from a teen marijuana rehab will leave them brainwashed. This is false. Treatment plans are often based on self-directed therapy approaches. While the goal is to help patients kick their marijuana addictions, the treatments and therapies that help get them there are incredibly individualized. The pace and progress are entirely controlled by the patient and their goals. The choices made in teen marijuana rehab are entirely the patients’ own.

4. Peers Will Be Bad Influences

Many parents are concerned that other teens in the program will be bad influences. While your teen will have peers that are also struggling to overcome their addiction, that does not mean that they are a bad influence. They are all there to accomplish the same goal. The influence of peer groups is typically extremely positive and creates an atmosphere that allows them to feel comfortable sharing experiences and supporting each other.

5. You’ll Feel Isolated

With the number of peer activities, your teen will be surrounded by individuals struggling with the same addictions as themselves. With the support of peers, teens come to an understanding that they are not alone. Teens can also share experiences and encourage each other to get help before it’s too late. By comparing the severity of their peers’ situations, many teens find themselves on the road to recovery faster than they expected.

Help Your Teen Find Marijuana Rehab with Zelus Recovery

Teen marijuana rehab can be incredibly beneficial for anybody enrolled in a program. If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from teen cannabis rehab, call Zelus Recovery today at 208.518.0797 to discuss your plans.