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Common Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Substance abuse is a prevalent problem millions of people across the United States face. In addition, countless others face serious addictions to prescription medications. When attempting to stop using these substances, drug withdrawal symptoms appear. What are the most common withdrawal symptoms people go through? Why is seeking professional help at a teen drug rehab center so important?

What is Withdrawal?

When someone uses an addictive substance for a long time, their body acclimates to the drug’s effects. When they cut back on their use, they experience uncomfortable sickness. This usually means they’ve become dependent on the drug. Withdrawal symptoms are common with alcohol, but also take place with hard drugs like heroin or crystal meth.

What are the Most Common Drug Withdrawal Symptoms?

Substance abuse can affect different people in a multitude of ways. However, there are several common drug withdrawal symptoms caused by abuse problems. Therefore, you should always look for the following symptoms to determine if professional assistance necessary.

Nausea and Vomiting

Many types of drugs or prescription medications have a powerful effect on the digestive system. Consequently, lowering your dose can result in episodes of nausea and vomiting while the body adjusts to these changes.

Tension or Anxiety

Both illicit drugs and prescription medications have a powerful effect on the way the brain operates. Therefore, reducing or stopping the use of addictive substances often results in depression, uncontrollable mood swings, severe anxiety, and troubling emotional symptoms. A combined mental health treatment program can help reduce these effects.


Drug and alcohol consumption affects the brain. Thus, removing or cutting down on addictive substances can cause a user to see or hear things that aren’t there. Auditory or visual hallucinations are very common among teens facing substance abuse problems. Hallucinations can occur with a number of vices and often is one of the more common drug withdrawal symptoms in teens and young adults.

Seizures or Delirium

At the more severe end of the spectrum, specific drug withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. For example, seizures and episodes of delirium can be so severe that they cause blackouts or fatalities. Individual counseling services with Zelus recovery are available for those that experience delirium or other symptoms. Delirium, like other mental symptoms associated with withdrawal, are early indicators that seizures could occur.

It’s important to realize these are just a few of the many drug withdrawal symptoms that are possible when stopping or reducing substance use. No matter what symptoms occur, a professional substance abuse treatment facility can help users cope with these physical discomforts.

At Zelus Recovery, we provide the following specialized programs:

Why is Obtaining Professional Assistance for Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Vital?

Substance abuse is a very complex problem with multiple causes and effects. As a result, most people who face substance abuse require the training and expertise of professionals to overcome the compulsion to use or relapse. Reaching out for professional treatment is a sign of conviction and courage.

Finding Help for Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Zelus Recovery is a quality Meridian outpatient center aimed at providing in-depth assistance for adolescents and young adults. By focusing on early intervention techniques, family programs, and quality addiction treatment therapy programs, Zelus Recovery provides help for those suffering from substance abuse. Additionally, young adult drug rehab programs individualize treatment to address the unique challenges adolescents face.

Don’t allow addiction to control your life. You can overcome your addiction by seeking professional treatment from a quality rehab facility. Contact Zelus Recovery today at 208.518.0797 to find out how we can help restore peace to your life.