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Family Counseling

Eating and substance abuse disorders do not just affect the teen or young adult who is directly experiencing them. They also have a profound impact on relationships with friends and relatives. For that reason, treatment should also involve parents, siblings, and sometimes even close friends because a strong network can provide invaluable support during the entire recovery journey. Family counseling for addiction is, in fact, one of the most important aspects of addiction treatment therapy.

Zelus Recovery provides family addiction therapy for people whose relationships have been damaged or destroyed due to drug or alcohol abuse. Our team truly believes that family therapy for addiction should be an essential component of any treatment plan.

The Benefits of Family Addiction Counseling

Family plays an integral role in a person’s substance abuse. Sometimes, the root of abuse can be found, at least in part, within a family group that is dysfunctional. In other instances, parents and siblings may function as the only oasis of sanity in a world that feels out of control. Each young person struggling with eating disorders, dual diagnoses, or substance abuse has their own unique family dynamics, but no matter what they are, everyone can benefit from counseling.

When you enter substance abuse treatment at Zelus Recovery, you receive intensive individual and group therapy to help you. You can get to the root of your addiction and understand what triggers it. Also, you can recognize the effects it has had on your relationships with others.

Family addiction counseling gives parents and siblings a voice in the treatment, which is necessary because these family members receive the most negative fallout from the person’s substance abuse. During counseling, family members learn about how addiction works and have a chance to process their own feelings of anger, shame, regret, and sadness. They also gain opportunities to learn strategies to help them repair relationships that broke because of substance abuse.

How Does Family Addiction Counseling Work?

Many addiction treatment programs give families the opportunity to work on their issues together with the client.

The sessions can take several forms, such as:

  • Private sessions with a therapist
  • Group sessions involving the client and several family members
  • Intensive education and family counseling for addiction over the course of a weekend
  • 12-Step meetings for family members

We emphasize improving communications, setting boundaries, and changing destructive patterns and behaviors during family therapy sessions.

How Zelus Recovery Can Help

At Zelus Recovery, a treatment center for teens and young adults in Meridian, Idaho, we know that successful recovery must involve the family. We include family at every step of the process. Family counseling is an integral part of our intensive outpatient and outpatient programs. This is because we recognize that restoring the family system to health via family counseling for addiction is essential. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to understand and overcome substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental illness.

Since Zelus Recovery is an outpatient program, young adults remain living in their home situations and attend family counseling sessions once a week or more. During these meetings, siblings and parents are given tools and strategies to open a dialogue and re-establish trust with a teen or young adult in crisis. We also discuss the causes and effects of addiction as well as ways for parents to enhance communication and provide constructive boundaries and discipline.

Additional Benefits of Zelus Recovery’s Programs

In addition to family addiction counseling, those enrolled in our program can expect:

  • Comprehensive evaluation and individualized treatment plan
  • Compassionate staff experienced in treating adolescents, teens, and young adults
  • Evidence-based individual therapy and family counseling for addiction
  • Intimate setting allowing staff members to form close bonds with clients
  • Treatment for individuals with dual diagnosis

Reconnect with Family by Contacting Zelus Recovery Today

Relationships with family members are often frayed as a result of addiction. If you are looking for family therapy in Boise for yourself or someone you love, we can help. Call the caring and knowledgeable counselors at Zelus Recovery at 208.518.0797 or complete our secure online form. We are here to provide you with the family counseling for addiction that you need to keep on the road to recovery.