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Is Marijuana Addictive?

Many misconceptions are surrounding the topic of marijuana today. In fact, many teens and young adults fail to see the seriousness of marijuana use. Another common mistake that permeates society today is surrounding the addictive nature of marijuana. The following information was gathered to help you learn the facts about this often-underestimated drug. Is marijuana abuse common? Is marijuana addictive? What are the possible dangers associated with using marijuana?

The Boise addiction treatment center for teens and adults has seen the consequences of marijuana use. But you don’t have to let it take control of your life.

How Common is Marijuana Use?

Did you know that over 90 million people in the United States say that they’ve tried marijuana at least once? Second, only to alcohol, marijuana is one of the most frequently used substances in our country. Moreover, marijuana production and use have drastically increased in recent years. This increase is leaving our young ones susceptible to the abuse of this drug.

Is Marijuana Addictive? A Common Misconception

There’s a dangerous misconception surrounding the use of marijuana that continues to be common today. This misconception surrounds the question if marijuana is addictive or not. To answer this question, we need to understand how marijuana interacts with the brain and body.

Marijuana has a powerful effect on brain chemistry, causing changes to chemicals and areas of brain function. In fact, any substance that creates such a profound mind-altering result has the potential to be addictive. Even casual use of the drug can lead to a condition known as a marijuana use disorder, which can then turn into a more severe addiction.

From these effects on the brain and body, marijuana addiction is possible. Many individual’s lives are negatively impacted by its use and have to attend a marijuana addiction treatment center.

Effects of Marijuana Abuse

Casual and long-term use of marijuana can have many detrimental effects, such as those in the list below:

  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Problems with memory
  • Hallucinations or psychosis
  • Coordination issues
  • Increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, or lung conditions
  • Increase in risk-taking behaviors

Many accidents that are serious enough to warrant emergency medical care can have marijuana contribute as a factor. Since the drug slows reaction time and can make an individual more clumsy, sometimes fatal accidents and significant trauma can occur. The list above details just a few of the common effects that can come about from marijuana abuse.

Why You Should Seek Help for a Marijuana Addiction

As with any teen drug addiction, marijuana abuse is a serious problem that can impact every member of your family. In addition to suffering academically, your adolescent can experience relationship issues, legal problems, health complaints, and a number of other long-lasting effects. These problems don’t have to control your life. For instance, many types of teen drug rehab programs are available to provide healing and peace to your family.

Seeking Help at Zelus Recovery

Zelus Recovery is an addiction treatment center that specializes in the unique challenges that young adults face. Our main focus is on the challenges during the rehabilitation process. Serving the needs of the Meridian, Idaho area, the skilled staff members at Zelus Recovery provide access to the following programs:

When you’ve found out that marijuana is addictive the hard way, our compassionate support staff is here for you. Contact Zelus Recovery and let us help you and your loved one recover from marijuana use or any other substance abuse. Call 208.518.0797 to learn more about the ways Zelus Recovery can help you begin your healing journey.