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School and Stress

School and stress lead to anxiety in adolescents and young adults. At Zelus Recovery, we understand that anxiety is one of the triggers for substance abuse disorders. To prevent this, we offer early intervention for teens who have begun to experiment with drugs to relieve some of the stress and tension related to the demands of school. Learn more about how to recognize the signs of a problem and get help in Meridian, Idaho.

School and Stress

Based on information from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, stress and trauma faced early in life impact a teen’s developing brain. The epidemic of stress in the digital age may even be increasing. This puts great demands on teachers, who feel the stress coming at them from every direction. Additionally, heightened accountability and testing demands add to the anxiety today’s teens face.

Toxic stress from early life often follows us and poses a risk to mental health later in life. With excess stress going back as far as the wound, more information regarding the connections between school and stress would help bring about a solution to many disorders.

Overwhelming stress at school can lead to:

  • Hair-trigger anger
  • Inability to calm yourself
  • Withdrawal from learning
  • Withdrawal from social interaction
  • High risk for substance abuse

Students who are more vulnerable to school and stress disorders come to school with stress dysregulation or SDR. This makes it much harder for them to learn and stay positive. SDR is a common result of early adversity. Additionally, it can manifest or result in the clinical diagnosis of a mental health issue.

A Vicious Cycle of School and Stress

A cycle of disruption results when stressed-out students cause anxiety and stress to those they come in contact with. This poses a challenge for teachers who may find it easier to remove the teens causing disruptive behavior rather than digger deeper into underlying causes. Facing segregation and loss of status, teens may turn to substance abuse as a way to self-medicate.

At Zelus Recovery, our teen drug rehab considers the link between school and stress when evaluating young adult clients. We take the time to learn about your history and the underlying triggers of addiction. This leads to a better chance of full recovery. Let us help you learn to cope with stress at school more effectively.

Social Connections

By learning how to deal effectively with adversity, teens can develop healthier brains. That’s because of the way your brain deals with stress. When you feel threatened, your blood pressure and heart rate increase, and your body amps up the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. If you feel protected and supported by the relationships around you, your stress levels tend to remain at healthier levels.

By working with our clients one on one and in group therapy, we create safe places where you can share your feelings and begin to work through what’s stressing you out. One of the most important topics we discuss involves the importance of social interactions.

Do you need help nurturing positive social connections? We understand how hard it can be to walk away from friends who abuse alcohol or drugs. However, it’s essential that you do so in order to avoid a relapse after recovery. As a result, we place a heavy emphasis on resisting peer pressure and developing hobbies you love to reduce stress.

Teen Addiction Treatment in Meridian, Idaho

Zelus Recovery can help you understand the connection between addiction, school, and stress. Act today to reduce the stress in your life. Contact us at 208.518.0797 today to find out more about our cognitive behavioral therapy and other options to regain control over your life and leave substance abuse behind.