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Common Signs of Dependency in Young Adults

Do you notice changes in your teen or young adult’s behavior, style of dress, engagement in favorite activities and other areas of his or her life? If so, you may actually be noticing the common signs of dependency in young adults. These signs of a drinking or drug problem often look like typical teen struggles. But for many, they signal a real, growing problem.

Risk Factors for Signs of Dependency in Young Adults

teen girl showing signs of dependencyRisk factors include issues putting your teen or young adult at risk for drug or alcohol use. These risk factors are their family history of substance use, the age of their first use, cravings, tolerance to drugs or alcohol and the surroundings where they live, go to school and work.

Family is a significant risk factor, as much as you provide their support system. If substance abuse takes place in your family, your teen or young adult will likely head down the same path. This risk includes genetic ties to addiction, as well as the exposure making substance abuse seem “normal.” In fact, Yale University School of Medicine says that if your teen or young adult sees substance abuse in the immediate family, he or she has eight times the risk to show signs of dependency of young people without this exposure.

Age is another risk factor. The younger your teen or young adult abuses alcohol or drugs for the first time, the higher their risk for ongoing substance abuse problems. When use begins so young as middle school or early in high school, you need help from teen or young adult addiction treatment programs. These substance abuse programs often offer early help for young people just starting their substance abuse.

The environment provides the most evident signs of risk for your teen or young adult. Whether they gain exposure to drugs or alcohol through peers, in the family home or elsewhere, this use looks normal to them. It makes them vulnerable to turning to drugs or alcohol, themselves.

Warning Signs of Dependency in Teen or Young Adult Substance Abuse

Warning signs of dependency differ from risk factors. Risk factors put the young person at risk for possibly using drugs or alcohol. Warning signs show you the substance use already occurs. Warning signs of dependency include:

  • Increased secrecy
  • Odd excuses or lies
  • Difficulty thinking or keeping focused
  • Withdrawing from school and favorite activities
  • Resistance to feedback
  • Increased absences or tardiness
  • Changes in mood, attitude, and performance

Getting Your Teen or Young Adult the Help They Need

Getting your teen or young adult help starts with identifying the common signs of dependency and acting on your suspicions. Your teen or young adult needs help from a quality addiction treatment therapy program. Such programs include:

  • Early intervention
  • Family group therapies
  • Family involvement
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient programs
  • Substance abuse treatment for teens to age 25

Your teens life can get back on track for greatness, with the right help. Call Zelus Recovery now at 208.518.0797 to discuss options for treatment in Meridian, Idaho when you begin to notice signs of dependency.