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The Most Addictive Types of Alcohol

Alcohol addiction can occur with any type of alcohol use if that use is consistent over a period of time. Binge drinking several times a month can also increase the risk of alcohol use disorder forming. Yet, some types of alcohol are more addictive and create a higher risk for health complications than others. If your teen uses any type of drug at a significant level, reach out to Zelus Recovery for support through our alcohol addiction treatment program.

What Types of Alcohol Are Most Dangerous?

While beer, wine, and liquor are all different types of alcohol, they all carry some risk for the development of alcoholism. It’s hard to say if one is more addictive than others or if drinking one type of drink – like wine – is safe. That’s because the body uses alcohol in the same way, no matter the form that’s present.

Another way to look at it is that alcohol itself is the most commonly abused drug in the world. More people use alcohol and overuse it than any other type of drug. That makes any form of it dangerous.

Do the different types of alcohol really matter, then? Alcohol is made from alcohol – unlike drugs that are made from various compounds. That means that if alcohol is present in a drink, that drink can lead to addiction development and the prolonging of complications to health. Here are a few facts to remember:

  • Hard liquor may make a person intoxicated faster, but it carries the same addiction risk as a glass of wine.
  • Mixed drinks are also capable of quick intoxication.
  • Not everyone who drinks alcohol develops addiction and dependence, but many increase this risk with consistent use.
  • The body does not digest alcohol. It is a toxin that, even in smaller doses, causes damage to organs, including the brain.
  • There are no types of alcohol addiction – an addiction to alcohol impacts all forms of the substance.

Can a Person with Alcohol Use Disorder Drink Any Alcohol?

The answer here is no. There is no form of alcohol that is safe to drink for a person who has a dependency or alcohol use disorder. Even a mixed drink or a beer can create a risk to their sobriety and overall health. Alcohol addiction cures do not exist. Even over years of continued abstinence from alcohol, a person who has a drink with any alcohol in it could be on the path towards relapse.

In alcohol recovery, it is quite important to focus on healing and remaining alcohol-free. Working on this is critical to long-term health.

Finding Help for Alcohol Addiction

Recognizing any of the types of alcohol used consistently creates a risk for addiction. Our team at Zelus Recovery works closely with adolescents and families struggling with addiction to create a plan to move forward. We encourage you to explore our treatment programs and therapies, including:

When you engage in treatment, you can make alcohol less of a problem in your life. You may even be able to overcome the damage to relationships, health, and mental well-being that alcohol creates with consistent therapy and support. There is no time to wait to get this type of care.

Find Personalized Addiction Treatment Today at Zelus Recovery

An investment in health starts with recognizing the need for treatment. If you or your son or daughter is struggling with the use of any of these types of alcohol, don’t wait to get help. Reach out to Zelus Recovery today online or call 208.518.0797 to gain more insight and support. We are ready to support you when you’re ready for recovery.