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What Is the Average Cost of Alcohol Rehab?

Rehab is not one size fits all. As addiction is different for every individual who struggles with alcohol, addiction rehabilitation centers offer numerous treatment options, from outpatient virtual sessions to a 90-day intensive residential experience. Each has a different price tag depending on the level of services needed.

Determining the average cost of alcohol rehab would necessitate identifying the average person addicted to alcohol. Obviously, the latter would be nearly impossible to define since every addict is an individual. Still, there are many things to consider when considering the cost of treatment in alcohol rehab centers.

So what makes one alcohol addiction treatment program more costly than another? There are innumerable varieties of rehab, from basic to luxurious, so consider all options to find one that meets the needs of the individual. From expert medical care to outpatient therapy treatments, Zelus Recovery’s experienced and compassionate staff provides excellent support for those seeking sobriety.

What Is the Average Cost of Alcohol Rehab?

The cost of alcohol rehab ranges from free to thousands of dollars a day. The cost of rehab for alcohol addiction can vary from part-time outpatient counseling to medically-managed inpatient treatment and therapies. The services required will help to determine the cost. Those offering no-cost or low-cost programs are typically non-profit organizations that operate residential work-therapy programs and usually have a waiting list.

An outpatient program can be particularly effective when flexibility is necessary. Outpatient rehab is less restrictive than inpatient programs, allowing an individual to continue working or school while focusing on recovery. These programs may last several months to a year and typically cost about $300 a day out of pocket. Individuals must attend sessions 10 to 12 hours a week at a local treatment center. Sessions typically include education, individual and group counseling, and teaching coping skills about how to live without alcohol.

On the other hand, residential inpatient facilities will cost more because they offer onsite housing and intensive therapies where clinicians provide constant medical care. The average cost is about $600 per day out of pocket for a program that lasts 90 to 180 days. The cost of rehab for alcohol addiction can vary widely, particularly when treatment is in a highly-desirable location and offers amenities like massage, acupuncture, swimming pools, and gourmet food.

What About Insurance Coverage?

Insurance may cover the cost of rehab, depending on what kind of coverage you have. Be sure to check if the alcohol addiction treatment program accepts:

  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Private health insurance
  • Military medical insurance
  • State-financed medical insurance

Zelus Recovery works with various providers to minimize out-of-pocket costs for individuals and their families. The good news is that most alcohol addiction treatment programs make financing available, so no matter your financial situation, there’s a center for everyone.

Consider That the Cost of Alcohol Addiction Is Far More Than the Cost of Rehab

Don’t let the cost of addiction treatment hold you back. A heavy drinker may spend thousands of dollars a year on their addiction. Not just alcohol but also other things that add up over time: loss of productivity, loss of income, legal problems, health issues, and damaged relationships. Regardless of the cost of rehab for alcohol or other addictions, sobriety is worth the investment.

Looking at the big picture, weigh the cost of treatment to the value of recovery and then consider the benefits. Addiction rehab is an investment in gaining life skills, addressing mental wellness, and finding sobriety. Considering many rehab centers offer financing options, no matter your budget, there is a center for everyone.

Explore Alcohol Rehab Options at Zelus Recovery

No matter which treatment option you choose for yourself or a loved one, rehab can change your life. Recovery is a lifelong process for a chronic illness like addiction. For those struggling with alcohol addiction, now is the right time to find an alcohol addiction treatment program that’s best suited for your needs. The experts at Zelus Recovery not only treat the core matters of addiction but also provide holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit.

If you or someone you care about needs treatment for alcohol use disorder, contact us through our secure form online to get details. Call our expert team at 208.518.0797 for more information or to discuss your insurance questions.