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Inpatient Rehab

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Recovery is a team effort

Admitting the need for help is a brave step for many teens and young adults with drug problems. Deciding on the best treatment can be challenging for them. Overall, inpatient rehab is a very successful option. However, there are always alternatives that are better for teens and young adults.

Inpatient Treatment Overview

A group session during inpatient rehab

Experts recommend inpatient care to remove adolescents from drug influences and triggers. During the program, they live at a rehab center for the duration of treatment, which could last between 30 and 90 days. This approach helps many teens and young adults achieve recovery without distractions.

Additionally, there are different types of inpatient programs. Generally, residential care includes common activities, medical care, and therapy sessions. Luxury programs offer the same services but add amenities such as private rooms and massages.

Benefits of Inpatient Care

In terms of recovery, inpatient rehab offers many benefits. For example, getting out of an environment which triggers drug use is one of the biggest advantages. It also puts teens in a healthy, safe space while medical staff watches over them.

Furthermore, being surrounded by peers while focusing on recovery motivates them to get better. They support each other in group therapy sessions, building bonds that last a lifetime. Developing a network of support is especially helpful for teens with unsupportive families. Not to mention, teens learn skills that help them through the rest of their lives.

Disadvantages of Inpatient Rehab

For teens, the biggest disadvantage of inpatient care is that it takes them away from school. Education is important. However, they can’t attend school and inpatient treatment at the same time.

Not having a lot of time to see supportive family members is another drawback for young adults. It’s hard to rebuild familial relationships during limited visiting periods.

Cost is almost always a concern as well. Living at a rehab center means teens eat and sleep at the facility. In addition, the staff has a lot of responsibility as well. Therefore, inpatient care costs more than other treatment options.

Exploring an Alternative

Overall, the above disadvantages may be why inpatient rehab won’t work for some teens and young adults. In these cases, outpatient rehab is often a better option.

Outpatient programs can last 30 to 90 days and provide equally effective addictive therapy. After school, teens simply go to the rehab center for scheduled sessions. For college students, rehab centers plan sessions around class schedules. These sessions occur once or twice a week depending on individual needs.

The main difference between these treatment programs is that adolescents continue living at home and attending school. Fortunately, this is the biggest benefit of outpatient care. Living at home also allows them to spend more time with supportive family and friends. Moreover, they can practice the skills that they learn in rehab in real-life situations as well.

Additionally, another advantage of outpatient care is its cost-effectiveness. The reason why it’s cheaper has to do with the lower level of labor these programs require. This is because the staff doesn’t have to supply healthy meals or ensure patients sleep and wake up at scheduled times.

However, teens and young adults in outpatient treatment might not take advantage of these rehab amenities and services. This is simply because they’re only there for the therapy sessions.

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Zelus Recovery takes a contemporary approach to treating teens and young adults. Family involvement is integral to all of our programs. We want to help our patients and their family members reconnect and build support systems for thriving recovery.

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