Doctor working with a teen drug addiction case | Zelus RecoveryTeen drug addiction is on the rise all over the United States, and Idaho is no different. Every day, more and more teens turn to drugs to cope with daily life. When they develop a drug addiction, it’s important to get them professional help quickly. The sooner that they get help for addiction, the more likely they are to make a full recovery.

Common Problems That Arise From Teen Drug Addiction

Teen drug addiction is a serious problem that causes many health issues. A lot of teens don’t take these health concerns seriously because they don’t notice them right away. However, abusing drugs for years leads to health problems later in life.

Although, some consequences of taking drugs can manifest quicker. Teens who take drugs are more likely to engage in a risky sexual behavior. This behavior leads to not only teenage pregnancy but the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Generally speaking, drugs make teens do things they normally wouldn’t. For example, this might include sleeping with people they don’t really want to engage with. Drugs lower their ambitions and put both teenage girls and boys at risk for problematic behavior.

Risk Factors That Contribute to Teen Drug Addiction

Drug addiction doesn’t develop overnight. Several factors contribute why drug addiction gains severity. In fact, certain elements put more teens at risk for developing the disease.

One such risk factor is a lack of supervision. When teens have no supervision, they’re more likely to get into trouble.
However, this isn’t to say that teens purposely get into trouble. It simply means their curiosity gets the best of them. With proper guidance, parents can steer their children away from drugs.

In addition, another risk factor is how easy it is for teens to get their hands on drugs. Far too often, parents leave prescription drugs or alcohol easily accessible. For curious teens, the temptation is often enticing. Parents can limit these temptations if they hide prescription drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Experts also believe certain teens are more at risk than others. These are teens whose families have a drug abuse history. Scientists link this conclusion to two things.

First, there’s a connection between genetics and addiction. Scientists believe that genetics make developing addiction much easier. Second, teens who see family members do drugs won’t have a stronger desire to experiment with them. They learn a lot from their parents whether or not people believe it.

Lastly is the friends who teens hang out with. While family influences teens to an extent, their friends help shape their personalities. If they hang out with people who do drugs, they’re likely to try drugs themselves eventually.

Let Zelus Recovery Help Your Teen Overcome Addiction

At Zelus Recovery, we offer Boise addiction counseling to teens and young adults. Our goal is to help them overcome addiction and give them the future they deserve. To achieve that, we offer a range of rehab programs, including:

Zelus Recovery believes that family therapy is extremely important. Problems in the home can lead to the development of addiction. Therefore, we use therapy to get to the primary cause of addictive behavior. Then, we can use dual diagnosis treatment to overcome addiction and any other underlying mental issues.

Remember that it’s never too late to get help. Reach out to our friendly staff today to get help for your teen. Call Zelus Recovery today at 866-365-4436 for more information.