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Heroin Addiction Treatment Center

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Recovery is a team effort

Many families go through difficulty when a loved one is in the throes of heroin addiction. When a relative is suffering from a problem, heroin addiction treatment is crucial to rebuilding your family unit for a healthier future. However, finding the right heroin addiction treatment center is stressful, particularly when it’s your teen or young adult who needs help.

Why Teen and Young Adult Rehab Programs Are Best

A man goes to a heroin addiction treatment centerYour teen or young adult is in the best hands at an addiction treatment center specifically for people under 25. Overall, these programs understand young patients best and adapt treatment methods to suit their individual needs. Teen and young adult rehab programs provide the greatest level of care for this impressionable age group.

Experts in teen and young adult addiction treatment use different methods in older adult rehab. For example, these facilities tend to focus on chronic addiction and co-occurring conditions of mental illness. Instead, teens and young adults benefit from:

Teen and young adult outpatient drug rehab and intensive outpatient programs keep young people close to family support during treatment. These programs also allow teens to continue with school or work without disrupting their personal lives.

Elements of Teen and Young Adult Heroin Addiction Treatment

Effective heroin addiction treatment involves multiple aspects. This starts with individualized treatment planning according to a young person’s unique needs. The individualized heroin addiction treatment plan itself combines several methods. For example, these could include behavioral therapies, counseling, and cognitive therapy.

Behavioral therapies and counseling include:

  • Intervention led by a medical professional with family participation
  • Cognitive therapy addressing thoughts that cause addictive behavior and how to resist them
  • Emotional regulation helping teens and young adults identify the emotional state in which they use
  • Community reinforcement and family training using positive reinforcement

Furthermore, cognitive therapy focuses on negative beliefs and thought patterns. These beliefs and patterns open doors to negative behaviors, including substance abuse. Therefore, therapy identifies these problematic thought processes so teens and young adults can overcome them.

Zelus Recovery Can Help

Zelus Recovery of Meridian, Idaho provides teens and young adults with effective drug rehab programs. At Zelus, young people go through individualized treatment approach tailored to their specific needs. Further, these programs involve family and friends for the greatest support and lasting results.

Our programs at Zelus Recovery include:

If you are under the age of 25 and need addiction help, Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho provides the treatment you need. Call Zelus Recovery now at 208.518.0797 to begin treatment today.