young man in need of an opium addiction treatment centerOpium abuse is the stuff of history. You’ve probably read about the drug that caused so much misery in the 1800s. That said, it’s still here. For teens and young adults with chemical dependency, an opium addiction treatment center at Zelus Recovery is the right course of action.

What Does Opium Abuse Look Like Today?

In the past, there were the opium dens. Today, users mix the drug with marijuana and smoke it. Others smoke it pure. Some inject opium while others swallow it.

Opium addiction treatment center specialists also see teens and young adults who abuse morphine. Chemists derive morphine from opium. Another derivative is heroin. This drug proves to be a scourge among young users.

How Opium Affects Teens and Young Adults

When working with Zelus Recovery opium addiction treatment therapists, users report experiencing a euphoric high. They drift in and out of consciousness. Opium distorts rational decision-making. Addiction happens quickly.

Before long, the user chases the ideal high. They’ll use larger doses to recreate the initial sense of euphoria. Opium addiction treatment center workers recognize this behavior as being similar to that of heroin users. Therefore, treatment follows along same lines.

What Opium Addiction Treatment Looks Like

Zelus Recovery addiction specialists focus on early intervention whenever possible. If the problem is still small, overcoming chemical dependency doesn’t take long. Most importantly, it won’t require exhaustive opium addiction treatment. However, if the addiction took hold, there are other options to consider.

Next, the opium addiction treatment center specializes in helping teens and young adults with more severe dependency problems. Modalities include:

  • Family therapy, which opens doors of frank communication to create a supportive setting
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants with co-occurring psychiatric conditions
  • Behavioral therapies that help with the development of healthy coping skills
  • Group therapy sessions as a way to harness the power of peer support during healing
  • Life skills training that assists with the development of healthy relationships with peers

Is It Necessary to Undergo Inpatient Treatment?

The majority of teens and young adults can benefit from intensive opium addiction treatment. Residential care isn’t always necessary. There’s a broad range of benefits when you choose this course of action. For starters, the teen or young adult remains in close contact with the support network, which is usually the family.

Living at home combines the comfort of familiar surroundings with the care that loved ones provide. Most importantly, it doesn’t disrupt your life. Teens continue to go to school. Young adults may pursue their career goals or participate in higher education.

Zelus Recovery is an opium addiction treatment center that emphasizes the involvement of loved ones. Therefore, residential care is often not necessary. Besides that, focusing on a return to a structured lifestyle is beneficial, too. It helps to restore normalcy to a teen or young adult’s life.

How to Reach out for Assistance

There are many Boise substance abuse programs. However, Zelus Recovery is the opiate addiction treatment center that focuses on working with teens and young adults. Specialists have adapted modalities to suit this age group. Similarly, they recognize the challenges that this group of users faces.

The rehab facility has earned the coveted Joint Commission accreditation. Its evidence-based treatments have helped others heal. Most importantly, the center works with a broad range of insurance companies to pay for treatment. Don’t you owe it to the teen or young adult in your life to make the call?

Caring opium addiction treatment specialists gladly talk to you. Contact Zelus Recovery today by calling 866-365-4436 now.