a young woman doesn't know the proper substance abuse definitionStatistics show that as many as 23 million American adults suffer from a drug abuse problem at any given time. When these issues don’t get the treatment they deserve, they can impact every aspect of a person’s life. In discussing this problem in depth, it’s vital to determine the proper substance abuse definition. Understanding the substance abuse definition allows people to become aware of the potential signs of a problem.

What is the Proper Substance Abuse Definition?

Discussing the proper substance abuse definition used by professionals is an integral part of recognizing this critical issue. In general, the term substance abuse refers to the long-term pathological use of addictive substances such as drugs or alcohol. A person suffering from a substance abuse problem will often display poor self-control, impaired judgment, and an inability to reduce their consumption of the substance in question. In fact, these individuals will continue using these addictive substances even though it creates serious issues in their lives.

Signs of a Substance Abuse Problem

Substance abuse is a complicated issue that can affect people in many different ways. Therefore, the clues that a problem exists may vary somewhat. However, the following signs of drug or alcohol abuse are the most common and always warrant closer inspection.

Personality and Behavioral Changes

Those facing substance abuse issues may begin to display noticeable personality changes. For example, they may exhibit hostility, anger, or a continual lack of proper motivation. Increasing aggression isn’t uncommon among individuals facing these challenges. A varying in physical appearance are also characteristic, such as bloodshot eyes, skin rashes, and weight loss.

Changes in Daily Routine

Alterations in the usual daily routine are also frequent among those struggling with substance abuse. They may begin to associate with different types of people, take an alternate route to work, or arrive home later than usual with no explanation.

Preoccupation with Money

Drugs and alcohol can become expensive over time, so those struggling with substance abuse are often preoccupied with money. The thought of being without the substance they have come to rely on can trigger a lot of anxiety. Therefore, these individuals will put a lot of focus on obtaining the funds to ensure they don’t run out of the substance.

Tolerance and Dependence

When a person uses an addictive substance for an extended period, they can become accustomed to the effects it creates in their body. As a result, they will need to continue using more of the substance in the future to experience the same pleasurable response. This is often the first step leading to a cycle of dependence on the material.

Substance Abuse Treatment with Zelus Recovery

In understanding the substance abuse definition, it’s important to realize that it is a complicated issue. For this reason, quality Idaho addiction treatment centers exist to help people get the support they need to recover. Quality substance abuse programs can treat the many complex issues that stem from drug abuse, allowing the individual to experience a peaceful recovery.

Zelus Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in Meridian, Idaho. With programs aimed at providing in-depth assistance for adolescents and young adults, Zelus Recovery delivers multi-disciplinary support for the complex issue of substance abuse. By focusing on early intervention techniques, family programs, and intensive outpatient therapeutic protocols, Zelus Recovery can help those suffering from substance abuse to experience happiness.

You can overcome your substance abuse by seeking help from a quality rehab center. Contact Zelus Recovery today at 866-365-4436 to find out how we can help.