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Teen Drug Rehab

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Recovery is a team effort

A teen drug rehab center may seem unusual to you. After all, teens are in the prime of their life. Why would they need a rehab center? However, close to 946,000 people aged 12-17 received treatment at a rehabilitation facility in 2018. Take this in comparison to 2010, when 132,850 adolescents in the same age range received treatment. Drug and alcohol abuse is clearly on the rise. If your teen needs drug or alcohol treatment, don’t wait. Contact Zelus Recovery today, and learn about your teen’s treatment options. 

Close to 104,000 adolescents had a prescription pain reliever disorder in 2018.

Don’t let your teen sink any further into their addiction. Contact 208.518.0797 today to speak with a Zelus teen member.

The purpose of this treatment approach is to prevent rehab from interfering with work and school. In most cases, addiction disrupts young adults’ lives enough. At Zelus Recovery, we believe that there’s no reason for a recovery program to interfere further.

Our IOP requires young adults and teens to visit our rehab center multiple times a week. Traditionally, each treatment plan requires at least three to four weekly therapy sessions. Each of these sessions lasts for a couple of hours. However, we try to balance them to fit clients’ schedules so that they don’t miss work or school.

Key Objectives of Our IOP Program

The key objectives of our IOP Boise Idaho program are to achieve and maintain sobriety in teens and young adults. In order to reach these goals, we teach coping skills and help clients identify drug triggers. Also, we strive to address the underlying cause of drug addiction, which is often mental health-related. With dual diagnosis treatment, we can help teens and young adults address these underlying issues.

During enrollment in our Boise intensive outpatient program, clients participate in three key types of therapy. Each of these helps them work toward the objectives of rehab:

  • Individual therapy involves one-on-one time between a client and therapist.
  • Group therapy involves several teens and young adults engaging with a therapist in a group setting.
  • Family therapy involves a teen or young adult and family members in sessions with a therapist.

Each of these therapies offers different benefits, which is why we offer all three at Zelus Recovery. Combined, they provide the support that teens and young adults need to overcome drug addiction.

Why Choose IOP Over Residential Treatment

When parents and young adults search for addiction treatment therapy in Boise, Idaho has, they have to make a choice. Their options are residential and outpatient rehab programs. While residential rehab has a role to play, it isn’t always feasible. However, a standard outpatient program doesn’t always provide the level of care that they need to recover.

Thankfully, an IOP Boise Idaho offers is a middle ground. It provides roughly the same level of care as a residential program but the freedom of outpatient treatment.

In addition, it’s worth pointing out that an IOP is less costly than residential treatment. The reason is that people only pay for treatment and not for room and board. Also, insurance companies are more likely to cover the cost of an IOP. Once again, this is because of its lower price tag.

Close to .4 million adolescents struggled with both an addiction and a mental health disorder in 2018.

Reach Out to Zelus Recovery for an IOP Your Teen Can Count On

Are you looking for an intensive outpatient program Boise Idaho offers for young adults and teens? If so, consider reaching out to the friendly staff at Zelus Recovery. All of our Boise addiction treatment programs keep in mind the needs of young adults aged 25 and younger. Focusing on this demographic allows us to provide custom treatments that address their unique needs.

At Zelus Recovery, we aren’t just an addiction treatment center. We’re also a provider of the mental health treatment Boise Idaho has. Our dual diagnosis program allows us to address addiction and underlying mental health problems.

Some of the other programs that we offer include:

  • Gender-specific rehab
  • Early intervention
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Relationship therapy
  • Family counseling

Don’t let addiction prevent young adults and teens from reaching their true potential. Find out if a Boise intensive outpatient program is a right fit for your teen.

“Both counselors are very dedicated to helping the entire family deal with a very complex issue. They have a solid methodology, provide information and a game plan to try to stop drug use before it becomes a dependancy problem. The guidance they provide can prevent the need for full outpatient treatment, if you follow their guidelines. Even if you don’t need treatment, I highly recommend you and your at-risk loved one go for counseling. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!”

-Gina F.

Please don’t wait for the worst to happen to your teen because of their addiction. Contact 208.518.0797 today to get information about the teen drug rehab center in Boise, Idaho.