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10 Telehealth Family Therapy Activities to Build Stronger Relationship

Individual and family therapy are both valuable standard practices for those going through substance use addiction treatment. Family therapy is a powerful method to enhance the skills required for healthy family functioning, and it typically focuses on communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. Telehealth family therapy activities are one way to improve these skills and also increase the potential for success in overcoming family problems.

This therapy aims to establish and maintain positive, effective constructive communication, address family issues together, and share feelings. Overall, the focus is on providing all family members with the tools they need to facilitate healing. Sometimes those tools are supported by technology and new methods of delivery like the now-familiar online meeting platforms that make telehealth possible.

Addiction treatment, counseling, and therapies are available in a remote form and are a convenient, more streamlined way to support those on the path of recovery. The experienced providers at Zelus Recovery use telehealth technology to deliver quality healthcare and mental wellness every day.

The Benefits of Therapy for Families Struggling With Addiction

Conducting family activities, whether in person or not, creates an opportunity to understand one another better. Strengthening relationships through family therapy and activities via telehealth can be just as impactful as in-person therapy.

A therapist provides expert guidance through observation and activities, even if all parties are miles apart. More specifically, family therapy can improve family relationships through:

  • Creating honesty between family members
  • Reducing sources of tension and stress within the family
  • Helping family members forgive each other
  • Re-establishing connections among family members

Each member of the family participating in the therapy session is free to share their experiences in a safe space. What better place than through the screen in their own living room?

While in-person therapy has certain advantages, a great opportunity to reap the benefits of telehealth family therapy is within reach for most people through a smartphone and an internet connection. Virtual family therapy activities help individuals feel more in sync with each other and become more open to others’ thoughts and feelings. Strengthening the relationships among family members helps them understand alcohol use disorder and adjust to the psychological changes that the patient may be undergoing.

10 Virtual Telehealth Family Therapy Activities for a Stronger Relationship

Just because it’s experienced onscreen doesn’t mean family therapy can’t have a positive impact and establish better connections. Tapping into similar activities found in traditional family therapy activities, these exercises may equip families to better deal with issues. While some of these may require a little foreplanning, here are ten telehealth activities families can do together:

  1. Guided imagery – The counselor facilitates visualization of peaceful mental images of good family times and encourages discussion around it.
  2. Nonverbal communication activities – Learning how body language communicates your true feelings when speaking.
  3. Music – Listening together and discussing how it makes you feel.
  4. Draw – Each person draws simple sketches about how they are feeling
  5. Modeling clay – With clay in hand, create the shape of how you are feeling.
  6. Colorful candy exchange – Each person brings multi-colored M&Ms or Skittles to the session. Each color invites a specific question to be answered by the participants.
  7. Miracle question – Ask yourself if you woke up tomorrow and a miracle had occurred in your life, what would you want it to be?
  8. Finish this sentence: I appreciate my (sister, brother, Mom, Dad) because…
  9. How to apologize effectively – An exercise in reconciliation and forgiveness.
  10. Active listening and responding exercises – Broaden your empathy bandwidth.

Take Advantage of Telehealth Family Therapy with Zelus Recovery

Through transformative treatment for the family as a whole, our goal is to provide you with every tool and resource to support your long-term health. And that includes helping you with family therapy goals. Our expert counselors and clinical staff work together, taking a holistic approach to wellness and helping you create a better overall family environment for healing.

Complete our brief contact form online for more information, or talk with one of our specialists to learn if Zelus Recovery’s telehealth addiction treatment program can help your family by calling 208.518.0797.