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3 Goals for Family Therapy

For many, their family is their closest community that offers support. However, even the most tight-knit family can have a difficult time communicating. Communication issues within a family can be challenging to navigate due to the proximity and familiarity of family members. If you are experiencing difficulties within your family dynamic, you may want to consider the benefits of family therapy. Reach out to a healthcare professional at Zelus Recovery today by filling out our online form or calling 208.518.0797 to discuss your goals of family therapy.

3 Goals for Family Therapy

1. Develop and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Feeling the need to disclose everything you feel to your family is not uncommon. However, healthy boundaries are necessary to maintain a healthy family dynamic.

Some examples of unhealthy boundaries include, but are not limited to:

  • Invasion of privacy, such as reading emails or probing for personal information
  • Gaslighting, is a manipulation tactic where someone attempts to make you seem unsure of yourself and your thoughts
  • Over-controlling behavior
  • Lack of consistent boundaries
  • Poor Communication

Knowing what unhealthy boundaries might look like will help you identify healthy boundaries and your family therapy treatment goals.

Common boundaries that are often discussed are:

  • Physical boundaries – What rules do you need to maintain to feel comfortable in your body? What are your rules about intimacy and touching?
  • Emotional boundaries – What boundaries do you have related to your feelings? Can you separate your emotions from your family members’?
  • Moral boundaries – What do you do if somebody crosses your moral boundaries?
  • Financial boundaries – What are your guidelines for giving and receiving money? Do you feel comfortable discussing your financial situation with family members?

2. Facilitate Communication

Often problems arise in families that are not communicating properly or at all. Communication is not limited to verbal exchanges but also includes understanding thinking and emotions. If family members are not respecting each other’s feelings or thoughts, unhealthy communication habits may be formed.

3. Reduce Family Conflict

It is not uncommon for a family to have difficulty resolving their conflict. Often, strong personalities combined with the familiarity of family members make Communication difficult. By allowing a third-party perspective such as a counselor into the situation, conflict can be reduced, and conclusions can be made.

What Else Should I Know About Family Therapy?

Family therapy can come in many formats. Usually, it is most beneficial to have all of the affected family members in one room; however, this is not always possible. Family therapy is different from individual therapy through its perspective and framework, despite how many people are present in the room.

The treatment goals of family therapy are often achieved by looking at problems as patterns or systems that need to be adjusted instead of focusing on one person’s role in the situation. Family therapy can also be referred to as “strengths-based treatment.” The relationships within a family play a critical role in the mental well-being of each family member. Family therapy can help individuals adjust to their family member’s struggles with addiction, co-occurring disorders, medical issues, and more. It is also extremely helpful in improving Communication and reducing conflict.

Why Engage in Family Therapy?

There are a number of reasons a family might seek family therapy.

Some reasons might include:

  • If a family member is struggling with substance abuse or co-occurring disorders
  • If a significant trauma or change has impacted the entire family
  • The unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member
  • Adjustment to a new family member in the home
  • Domestic violence
  • Divorce or other parental conflicts

If any of these may be affecting your family currently, reach out to one of our healthcare professionals today to discuss your goals for family therapy. Your family therapy treatment goals will affect the outcome of your therapy sessions. Family therapy can benefit all family members on several levels, including meeting and exceeding treatment goals for family therapy.

Explore Goals of Family Therapy at Zelus Recovery

If your family struggles to communicate, reach out to Zelus Recovery today. Our team is standing by to discuss our family therapy treatment goals and options. Contact our Zelus Recovery team today by completing our online form or calling 208.518.0797.