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Recovery is a team effort

3 Relationship Therapy Activities

A person combating substance abuse should not shoulder the burden alone. In fact, the closer a loved one is, the more crucial they may be to a successful recovery. Relationship therapy may reveal some patterns where one member of a relationship has unknowingly contributed to the problem or identify unique opportunities for couples to support one another. Relationship therapy asks both partners to improve their interactions with more open communication, the establishment of “recovery contracts,” and associated reinforcements the partner of the individual in recovery can offer to help reinforce healthier habits.

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3 Relationship Therapy Activities

1. Practicing Clear Communication

Relationships in crisis often present with a breakdown in communication, causing both members enormous stress and prompting them to engage in maladaptive coping mechanisms such as passive aggression or infidelity. In therapy sessions, both parties can receive coaching to express their thoughts and concerns honestly and without fear of provoking their partner.

2. Establishing Boundaries

When one member of a couple has struggled with substance abuse, it is typical that they have repeatedly tested and perhaps temporarily lost their partner’s trust. By articulating boundaries, both parties may access the space they require to heal yet move forward knowing exactly how to ask for help when they need it.

This also helps well-intended partners from replacing dysfunctional patterns with enablement, where the non-abusing member of a relationship inadvertently perpetuates their partner’s addiction by helping them out of issues brought on by their substance abuse.

3. Identifying Potential Triggers

Harmful habits, from overeating to substance abuse, are often associated with specific physical or psychological triggers. When these triggers are identified and understood, individuals hold the power to replace unconscious, reflexive responses with behaviors that can make abstinence easier and more manageable. By mutually agreeing to forgo certain activities, such as recreational drinking, the individual in recovery has a much higher chance of successfully replacing old behaviors with new ones.

What Happens in Relationship Therapy?

Research demonstrates that couples counseling is not only successful in helping both parties in a romantic relationship thrive but that these improved connections lead to far greater success rates than solo therapy alone. Some theories even suggest that an individual’s substance abuse is almost always connected to a series of nuanced family dynamics and that the whole family unit, not just a single person, must undergo treatment for a full recovery.

Sometimes individuals are offended by the suggestion to undergo relationship therapy, suggesting they are part of the problem. The purpose of couples counseling is not to assign blame but for both parties to take ownership of the recovery effort. After all, most people have never been taught the best way to communicate with a romantic partner, much less do so successfully in the face of a substance abuse problem.

This involves clarifying and accepting the current situation and both individuals making a dedicated pledge to change. This is usually accomplished over a series of outpatient sessions with a behavioral therapist, who acts as a neutral third party to make sure that both individuals voice their true thoughts and feelings. Next, the therapist may serve as a mediator to help both parties establish clear guidelines in all areas of their relationship.

At Zelus Recovery, we provide a range of therapy options in addition to relationship therapy, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

Reach out to our Zelus Recovery team today, and we can help you determine which therapeutic options may be best for you.

Explore Relationship Addiction Treatment and Couples Counseling at Zelus Recovery

Romantic partners can either act as the strongest asset or largest liability in helping their loved ones recover from substance abuse. Turn to Zelus Recovery for couples counseling in Boise, ID. Contact our team today by calling 208.518.0797 or completing our online form to learn about how Zelus Recovery can help make your relationship stronger and healthier than ever.