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4 Tips to Help Your Teen Celebrate Halloween Sober

Can your teen really have a sober Halloween and enjoy it? The answer is, “yes.” If your teen is in recovery right now, any holiday can be challenging, especially if this is their first year. However, they will only miss the alcohol and drugs if they do not motivate themselves to think outside of the box to create a more enjoyable experience. In other words, with the right tools, they can have the best Halloween ever. At Zelus Recovery, we are here to support you and your teen when and if you need it.

4 Ways to Celebrate a Sober Halloween

If this holiday used to be one where your teen would sit around and drink or use drugs, it is time to change plans. There is no benefit to you for going to an event where they will be tempted. Instead, create your own activities. Here are some ideas.

1. Focus on the Kids Instead

Halloween is a great time for younger children. If possible, having your teen help organize an event for younger kids can give your teen the perspective — and the responsibility — they need to occupy them. Decorate the house, spend some time with crafts, and just have some fun. It may be a fantastic time for your teen to take them trick-or-treating like they did when they were younger. They may want to pass out candy, or perhaps dressed up to scare the kids that come to the door. These are simple things that really do make Halloween fun.

2. Host a Dry Event

If your teen wants to hang out with their friends, tell them upfront that you do not want alcohol or drugs to be used. Ask them to respect your wishes. Most of their friends will, and others are not likely people you want in your teen’s life. Make it enjoyable, so they are not bored. Perhaps watch some scary movies or create a cooking competition with fall favorites. It may be easier than you think for them to forget all about consuming alcohol or using drugs.

3. If It Is Too Much, Encourage Your Teen to Take a Break

There will be times, especially early in their recovery, when it is vital that your teen not be around alcohol and drugs. They should never feel like you have to be there. Instead, encourage them to focus on maintaining a sober Halloween by simply leaving the high-risk areas. They may want to get away for the weekend, so they do not have to go to that party. They may want to pick up another shift at work so a friend can take the day off, or focus on schoolwork with sober friends as a distraction. Encourage them to keep themselves busy and not thinking about or being exposed to drugs and alcohol.

4. Know When Your Teen Needs Relapse Prevention Help

Even if you create a sober Halloween for your teen and it is everything you hoped it would be, they may be struggling with thoughts of drug and alcohol use. When that happens, realize that it is time to reach out for help. The first step is to contact their mentor or counselor or to go to a recovery meeting. That gives them the power to say “no” right at that moment. The next step is tor each out for help from our team. We offer the type of comprehensive support your teen needs to overcome these challenges.

Invest in Your Teen’s Future at Zelus Recovery

Halloween can be a positive experience, one that is enjoyable to your teen, even if they are struggling with addiction or recovery right now. Our team at Zelus Recovery offers many ways to support them as they enjoy a sober Halloween. That includes relapse prevention services. Call our team at 208.518.0797, or contact us online today to learn how we can help you and your teen enjoy a safe, sober Halloween.